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100 ways to increase awareness about Male Circumcision and Female Circumcision

100 ways to increase awareness about Male Circumcision and Female Circumcision

You want to get circumcised yourself or you want to take a decision to do circumcision for your children, there are a number of factors that you, your spouse and your family can look at so as to get the maximum benefits out of Male Circumcision or Female Circumcision

To help you make that decision and get your mind working here are 100 ways to increase your awareness about of Male Circumcision or Female Circumcision.
100 ways to increase awareness about Male Circumcision and Female Circumcision. Eradicate HIV. eradicateHIV.
100 ways to increase awareness about Male Circumcision and Female Circumcision. Eradicate HIV. eradicateHIV.
First let us look into what is Circumcision. Circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin of the head of the penis in male and the hood of the clitoris in female.

Why should one undergo circumcision? If you are male you and if you have not undergone circumcision you will see that the head of the penis is underdeveloped. That means that the development has taken place only till the level of muscular structure. In other words there is no skin on the muscle of the head of the penis.

Likewise if you are a female and if you are uncircumcised you can clearly see that the clitoris is underdeveloped. Again what that would mean is the development has taken place only till the muscle structure and there is no skin on the muscle of the clitoris.

What exactly does underdevelopment means can be comprehended by the fact that every uncircumcised male and every uncircumcised female has to bear a perpetual pain of having a part of the body without a skin. When one gets injured and the skin is scraped and when one touches the bare muscle in that place, the pain that is experienced is borne by the uncircumcised male and uncircumcised female day in and day out but since this pain is a perpetual pain the body gets used to it. Even if they ignore it the pain is still there. 

Further the foreskin of the penis and the hood of the clitioris acts as an anchor for the microbes of bacteria and fungus and the virions of viruses. Then rub them on the underdeveloped and unprotected surface of the head of the penis and the clitoris respectively to ensure that the microorganisms enter the body and infect it with various diseases.

As mentioned above, in circumcision, the foreskin of the head of the penis in male and the hood of the clitoris in female is removed which not only stops the process of infection from the various microorganisms but also allows the completion of the development of the head of the penis and the clitoris. 

There are many points given below to better understand male and female circumcision. Much of this information will help you take a direct decision, while others will widen you view about Male Circumcision or Female Circumcision. Many of these information are specific to place and characteristic of human body, but they will help you taking the decision regarding performance of Male Circumcision or Female Circumcision

For the family members this would be valuable information that you can share with wannabe parents and uncircumcised individuals in the family. If the family members are with you in taking the decision regarding Male Circumcision or Female Circumcision, these information can help them in making the other person realize the importance of circumcision.

Acquire Knowledge about Male Circumcision or Female Circumcision.

1) Search for more knowledge

Search various media, take doctors opinion and research papers so as to understand what is written about Male Circumcision or Female Circumcision and what are the general views about circumcision. Search the existing benefits that is available regarding Male Circumcision or Female Circumcision.

2) Ask a person who has performed Circumcision.

See how those who has performed Male Circumcision or Female Circumcision to find out about circumcision and what made them take their decision to perform the same. This will help you understand the real reasons for you to analyse your decision.

3) Identify the core benefits.

Make a note that would describe the core benefits of Male Circumcision or Female Circumcision that is being targeted by you. When you are talking or asking a question, meeting people, interacting or refresh your intentions refer back to these notes.

4) Create a list of target benefits

Make of list of targeted benefits that you will gather in this process of acquiring more knowledge about Male Circumcision or Female Circumcision. Use these targeted benefits when making relevant queries regarding circumcision.

Create a mental platform

5) Create a level of thinking towards Circumcision

Your level of thinking should be the benchmark that would serve as the center of all your mental activity, from raising your level of thinking to approaching your social circle. Your level of thinking should be at par at least with the general level of thinking that exist towards Male Circumcision or Female Circumcision.

6) Keep an open mind

Provide a peek into the life of a circumcised individual atleast once or twice in the whole process of enquiry. Your mind will be more open to the practical insights, personal views and lifestyle which would become input for more strong belief in Male Circumcision and Female Circumcision.

7) Connect with yourself and your life

Think of all the hardship you had to face, all the sufferings you had to undergo being uncircumcised. Remember diseases you had been infected with, the pains you had to suffer and fear you had to undergo so that is becomes easy to take the decision to get circumcised or in circumcising your children.

8) Hold the image of getting circumcision in your mind

Make a image of getting circumcised in your mind and hold it there. Visualize getting circumcised so that it reminds you of the decision you have to take. If you are male visualise that the development of the head of your penis is completed and there is a skin over the muscle structure that you have today. If you are a woman imagine that the development of your clitoris is completed and there is a skin over the muscle structure that you have today. Make many small images would be better instead of holding one big image or image of data. 

9) Make a note

Write about Male Circumcision or Female Circumcision and put on your work desk, notice board or in a place in front of you where you can see it regularly. Seeing this note regularly will remind you of the decision you have to make.

10) Cross check the information you acquire with facts

Whenever you acquire information regarding Male Circumcision or Female Circumcision via any source, cross check them with the facts, confirmed facts, so that you don't get into a wrong conclusion.

11) Have a conversation with your family doctor

Make sure that your doctor is not biased in his opinion regarding Male Circumcision or Female Circumcision and then have a conversation with him or her so as to learn more about circumcision and its benefits.

12) See the view about Circumcision in your social circle

When you are in your social circle carefully introduce the topic of circumcision. Even if you don't involve yourself in the discussion, atleast see how the discussion progresses and see how the feedback can help you in taking your decision.

13) Link circumcision to day to day life.

In your mind see how you can link circumcision to your day to day life, make sure that you include the information you acquire, you can find the benefits of Male Circumcision or Female Circumcision by linking them to the current scenario of challenges faced by the medical faculty.

14) Create a mental flow

When you collect information regarding Male Circumcision or Female Circumcision, keep them flowing through your mind, don't let them stagnate on any one point. In this flow you can find the answers you are looking for, put emphasis on the recommendations that you find in it, make a note of what encourages you, while letting the information that is not relevant to flow by. Create a feel for the mental flow of information before focusing on the decision you have take regarding Male Circumcision or Female Circumcision.

Begin the process of Male Circumcision or Female Circumcision

15) Take the appointment of a doctor

A good doctor or surgeon can perform this minor surgical procedure perfectly. It is worth hiring a good doctor or surgeon to perform Male Circumcision or Female Circumcision that would give you a confident feeling all through you life.

16) Discuss about Circumcision with your doctor

Discuss the various methods by which this surgery can be done and choose the best method you like or that your doctor would suggest. Understand clearly the difference in each of the methods of Male Circumcision or Female Circumcision from you doctor and decide which one would be better for you.

17) Discuss the opinion of the doctor with you family

Create a strong family support by involving your family in helping you make the decision. When the family is unified in the your decision with your doctor, then it would be easy for them to stand by that decision and encourage you to go through with Male Circumcision or Female Circumcision.

18) Re confirm yours and your family's decision with the doctor.

Re confirming your and your family's decision with the doctor would be a great way to revitalize your decision. It gives you an opportunity to re-emphasis your decision with regard to the ever changing flow of information that you would be receiving with regard to Male Circumcision or Female Circumcision in your mind.

19) Fix a date

During your discussion with your doctor, consider fixing a date for the Male Circumcision or Female Circumcision to be done. Try to find a date that is not too hectic for the doctor or for you from your daily schedule.

Prepare yourself for Male Circumcision or Female Circumcision

20) Inform the doctor of any changes in your health

Your doctor should be informed about any changes in your health before the day of circumcision. This give the doctor time to make any necessary changes if required.

21) Follow the instructions given by your doctor

Make a list of all the instructions given by your doctor that you have to follow. Keep updating it whenever the doctor gives you any new instruction. If you would find time you can make a list of any instructions that you had not followed and list the reason for not following it.

22) Get any lab work or tests done as prescribed by your doctor.

As soon as the date for circumcision is fixed, get any lab work or test to be done, as per the prescription of the doctor. Get the reports and submit them to your doctor.

23) If you have any specific conditions, allergies etc. inform your doctor.

Notify your doctor if you have an specific conditions, allergies, so that the doctor can prepare for that. Once the doctor is aware of this condition, the doctor arrange for the necessary equipments, prescribe medications, etc. to neutralize the conditions at the time of circumcision.

24) Refrain from engaging in harmful habits

Those who are engaged in harmful habits like smoking, drinking etc. that includes those habits that causes thinning of blood and delay in healing of wounds, should be discontinued at least till the day circumcision is done.

25) Do not eat or drink anything before 12 hours.

Coming to the day of circumcision,refrain from eating or drinking from 12 hours prior to the time of the operation, or as per your doctor's suggestion.

26) Clean your self on the day of minor surgery

By keeping yourself clean before the operation, you will increase the chances of healing from the surgery faster, which will make go back to your daily routine sooner. Taking a shower, brushing your teeth without swallowing any water, etc. will allow fast recovery.

27) Don't wear make-up or contact lens

Different doctors have different criteria, but it is better not to wear make up or even contact lenses during the surgical procedure. In the event you have to wear contact lenses, carry the case along for use during the surgical procedure.

28) Leave all jewellery, cash and other valuables at home

If you usually carry or wear valuables, make it a point to leave them all at home on the day of circumcision. This way you wouldn't be tensed about their safety during your surgery.

29) Arrange for an adult to be with you.

On the condition that the hospital allows it, you may want to take an adult with you to the hospital and wait for you at the time of surgery. This way you can ensure that in the event you feel uncomfortable the person will be there to take care of you.

30) Bring proper identification and do all paperwork.

With the increasing requirements of the hospitals and its procedure; proper identification papers and doing all the paperwork required will decrease the time of pre operational procedure. The current and correct information provided will help in the proper documentation as required by the hospital. If required bring home cooked food, tea, coffee to be taken after the circumcision.

The Surgical procedure of Male Circumcision or Female Circumcision

31) A sedative may be given.

Depending on the physical condition of the person a sedative may be given. This is done for relieving the person from any kind of stress and make their body relaxed so that the surgical procedure can be carried out easily. The person can become less tensed or anxious during the circumcision.

32) Local anesthesia would be given

Local anesthesia would decrease the pain during the surgical procedure and it can decrease any movement that may be caused during circumcision. The anesthesiologist can decided how and where anesthesia should be given.

33) The surgery.

The surgery would be done as decided during the discussion with the doctor or surgeon. This also instills confidence in the person on whom the surgery is being done. The surgery lasts hardly for a few minutes in female and about 5-10 minutes in male.

34) Post surgical procedure

In male a bandage is applied after circumcision with or with the device that is used for surgery (depends on the type of device used for surgery). While in female antiseptic cream is applied, there is no need for applying a bandage.

Post circumcision care after Male Circumcision or Female Circumcision

35) Feeling of Pain.

A concise but annoying pain that causes some level of discomfort, the feeling being immersed in soreness, which most of the people can easily ignore, would follow after the effects of anesthesia wears off. The pain indicates that the wound is healing and it would be up to the person on his / her doctor's advice whether he / she wants to take a pain killer or not. 

36) Your doctor will guide you to normalcy after surgery

Using his /her experience the doctor would be able to tell you when you would be able to walk out of the room, where the surgery is performed. The person could check out himself / herself if he / she can comfortably walk out of the room. 

37) Check yourself if you can reattain your body routine

After coming out of the room where the surgery is performed the person, on the advice from his / her doctor can have food or tea whichever the person accompanying him might have carried along or you can buy food from the hospital canteen. Use your mental ability to check whether you can eat, drink, walk, etc. normally without the help of anybody. 

38) Take the support of your family on coming back home

Support from the family can effectively cause fast healing, especially if the person gets proper rest after the surgical procedure, and this would help the wound to heal itself. Research suggests that female can take a bath immediately after surgery but in male they may have to wait for 1-2 days or as per the procedure they had used for circumcision. 

39) Create a positive mind frame towards returning to your daily routine.

You can easily turn your mind frame to a positive mode by feeling the freedom you have achieved. This will help you to get back to your school or work more faster, which ideally would be 1-2 days in case of female and 5-7 days in case of male. 

Know what has been achieved by Male Circumcision or Female Circumcision

40) Make sure that better Hygiene is provided

As soon as Male Circumcision or Female Circumcision is done the person will find it easier to provide better hygiene to penile and clitoral area respectively. The person will also find that if he is a male then there is proper skin that has grown over his earlier underdeveloped head of the penis. If the person is female she may notice that there is proper growth that has completed the developed of the clitoris, which was earlier underdeveloped. 

The person, if he is male will also notice that there is no foreskin to lodge any microbes, dead skin, dust or other organisms the area can be washed properly. Similarly if the person is a female, she would realise that the hood of the clitiors that harbored microbes, dead skin, dust or other organisms is not present and the area can be cleaned easily.

41) Urinary tract infection would be reviewed as non-risky factor

Less or no presence of microbes makes Male Circumcision or Female Circumcision more protective against Urinary tract infection. Research has found that the decrease in the number of microbial presence in both male and female that has resulted in eliminating the risk of Urinary tract infection (UTI). UTI is found to lead to Kidney problems in the future.

42) Provide high level protection against sexually transmitted diseases

Start getting protection from Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)'s from day one. You can now use Male Circumcision or Female Circumcision as a shield against STD or be less worried about acquiring a STD. While circumcision provides the highest level of security against STD, you should also confirm that your partner is also circumcised to reap the maximum benefits.

43) Offers protection from penile and clitoral problems

Male Circumcision or Female Circumcision reaches out to those who have tight foreskin of the penis or hood of the clitoris. They have proven that it is difficult or impossible to retract - a condition called phimosis, inflammation of the foreskin or head of the penis in male and inflammation of the hood or the clitoris in female could be a result of this condition, and they will be likely to have a quick turnaround to normalcy by getting circumcised. 

44) Any chances of Penile or clitoral cancer would be wiped away.

Penile or clitoral cancer can be cause from many reasons, including continuous irritation on the delicate and underdeveloped glans and underdeveloped clitoris by the microbes due to their breeding habits or due to the confrontation of the microbes against the immune cells of the body. Male Circumcision or Female Circumcision provides protection by developing a layer of skin over the glans or developing a layer of skin over the clitoris preventing the entry of the into the body. At the same time the removal of the foreskin and hood respectively in male and female ensures that the of the microorganisms don't get accumulated in that area which help prevent cancer, plus it keeps the area free from the excreta of the microorganisms too, which may be considered another irritant that can cause cancer. 

45) Added advantage of preventing the skin of the glans and clitoris from being kept delicate and moist.

The presence of the foreskin in male and the hood in female providing cover to the glans and clitoris keeps them underdeveloped and unprotected - making it receptive or prone to injuries and the moistness promotes growth of microbes and helps entry of virions of viruses like HIV. On a factual basis, Male Circumcision or Female Circumcision not only removes the foreskin and the hood but helps the completion of the development of the glans and the clitoris respective by allowing the body to cover the entire muscular tissue with a skin, like all other parts of the body and this also keeps the area dry.

46) Prevents the transmission of microorganisms through the underdeveloped glans and underdeveloped clitoris in to the body

The underdeveloped glans and underdeveloped clitoris, allows the transmission of microorganisms into the person's blood stream beyond his / her control. In fact, one could only hope that these wounds get healed before any major infection becomes a possibility. After Male Circumcision or Female Circumcision the development of the glans of the penis and the clitoris is completed and they are covered with normal skin, like other parts of the body, preventing the transmission of microorganisms through it. 

47) Gathering and breeding of microbes

The space between the foreskin and the unprotected, underdeveloped glans in males and the space between the hood and the unprotected, underdeveloped clitoris in females, could become an effective source of infection, especially if they lead to the gathering and breeding of microbes in some way. Remember it is microbes, and virions of viruses like HIV, that cause diseases and alter body composition. Consider that Male Circumcision or Female Circumcision leads to the removal of foreskin and completions of development of the glans in males and removal of the hood and completion of the development of clitoris which leadds to the destruction of that breeding ground and keeps the persons safe from regular attacks of the microbes.

48) Prevents the storage of infectious fluid

The space between the underdeveloped glans and the foreskin in men and the hood and the underdeveloped clitoris in female become ideal place for  the infectious fluid containing microbes and virions of virus like HIV to accumulate during and after intimacy or other transmission process. Those who are loyal to the natural process of intimacy would really be concerned about giving more time to the microbes in the infectious fluid to attack the cells of the body, while Male Circumcision or Female Circumcision does well to destroy this storage space. 

49) Submit the weakest point in the body for elimination

Not a single part of the body is as underdeveloped as the glans in the male and the underdeveloped clitoris in female; through which the microbes can invade the body or attack the cells of the person's body. There is no skin on this area so there is no protection here for the cells of the body and it becomes a gateway for the microbes and virions of viruses like HIV, so undergo circumcision and allow the completion of development of the underdeveloped as the glans in the male and the underdeveloped clitoris in female.

50) Male Circumcision or Female Circumcision becomes an area fortifier.

The presence of the microbes increases the concentration of immune cells of the body on the underdeveloped glans and the underdeveloped clitoris. Without the protection of the skin  the immune cells become easy prey to microbes and virions of viruses like the HIV and allow them easy invasion into these cells. There is always complete details of the body. Trying to invade the human body these microbes get stonewalled by Male Circumcision or Female Circumcision that fortifies this area by allowing the completion of the development of the underdeveloped glans and the underdeveloped clitoris such that both these areas grow a skin over the bare muscle structure.

Male Circumcision or Female Circumcision's Health promotions

51) Economical protection from microbial attacks.

52) Promote a natural process of protection.

53) Simple process with no complex procedure .

54) Protection from multiple diseases without medications.

55) Creates mental freedom with regard to protection against diseases

56) Easy process that can be used worldwide

57) A ideal vaccine against many diseases including HIV.

Get more information regarding Male Circumcision and Female Circumcision

58) The researchers have not found a better vaccine than Circumcision.

59) The researchers research for treatment and cure while this vaccine of circumcision lie partially used.

60) The uninfected should use Circumcision to get ultimate protection.

61) People live with HIV positive will benefit from circumcision. 

62) Circumcision with other vaccines can prevent many genital diseases.

63) Circumcision allows completion of the development of glans and clitoris.

64) Circumcision does affect sexual behavior.

65) The relevant nerve endings of glans and clitoris are presevered and covered by a skin.

66) Before the end World war II Circumcision was practiced all over the world.

67) After World War II shortage of funds led to discontinuation of Circumcision.

68) On discontinuing Circumcision people began to suffer from different types of diseases 

69) People in 3000 years ago suffered from same diseases that were eradicated by Circumcision.

70) Those dormant diseases were activated by discontinuation of Circumcision.

71) Pharmaceutical companies are most benefited spread of diseases

72) Governments participate with pharmaceutical companies as they are source of finance.

73) Medical organization helpless as their boards are lobbied by pharmaceutical companies.

Male Circumcision and Female Circumcision status on Media

74) Thousands of research and case studies on Circumcision.

75) Thousands of false case studies and research against Circumcision.

76) Books branded in favor of Circumcision 

77) Authors forced to write against Circumcision

78) Forums campaigning against Circumcision.

79) Major research breakthrough in Circumcision not covered by any newspaper.

80) Protest against Circumcision covered by all newspapers.

81) The internet and all social media campaigning against Circumcision.

82) Health organisations not in favor Circumcision.

83) The legal systems making laws against Circumcision

84) Doctors are inspired to talk against Circumcision

85) Prominent personalities talk against Circumcision.

86) Female Circumcision is published Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

87) Authors purposely using Female Circumcision with FGM

Public reaction on Male Circumcision and Female Circumcision

88) People are confused over performing Circumcision

89) Even circumcised people are confused.

90) Discussion Circumcision is considered shameful.

91) Decision makers not taking firm decision in favor of Circumcision.

92) Doctors are confused over performing circumcision.

93) Media miscoordinate the mixed news in favor and against Circumcision

Your ideas to support Male Circumcision and Female Circumcision

94) Share your thoughts in favor of Circumcision with others

95) Help somebody to go through Circumcision.

96) Spread the word about the benefits of Circumcision.

97) Create a campaign in favor of Circumcision.

98) Continue the use of Circumcision in your family



These two points are for you to tell us how you can increase the awareness about Male Circumcision and Female Circumcision. You can mention the same in the comments below. If we find that they are perfect we will update them in the above two blanks.

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