Thursday, May 12, 2016

Eradication of HIV: end the search for HIV treatments

Eradication of HIV: end the search for HIV treatments.

HIV infection has spread all over the world and almost all infected people are undergoing some kind of treatment or the other. Some methods of treatment have been seen effective in lessening the symptoms that arise after the HIV infection, reports of severe side effects still are on the rise. Some side effects are not even documented due to the speedy launch of the medication. The side effects range from physical to mental.

Developed countries have recognized the side effects as a factor that effects the quality of life of the HIV patient permanently and is common with all medications of HIV. But in recent studies it is seen that almost all persons suffering from HIV shows severe side effects of the medication and the treatment process, both mentally and physically.

Although it is necessary to control and eliminate as many side effects as possible of any medication, such research would delay the implementation of these drugs and treatment processes. But the pace of HIV infection has made the medical companies and decision making organisations that are working to control HIV to ignore this issue as of the moment.

There is a clear, natural and safe alternative available to change this situation. The EradicateHIV research has established how as simple technique that can save and protect people from HIV, at the same time it has no side effects and very economic also, and even has the potential to eradicate HIV.

HIV medication and its side effects.

The side effects are caused mostly by the chemicals or antibodies or the ingredients used in the medications, the way the chemicals or antibodies or the ingredients act inside the human body and the changes that happen in the body due to such action of the chemicals or antibodies or the ingredients.

The side effects are the response of the body to the action and reaction between the medication and what goes on inside the body and the after effects of such a action and reaction. The HIV which is targeted by all these medinces remains unaffected and safely tucked inside the protection of the CD4 cell. It is closely related to the expression of unnatural intrusion and turmoil that body has to undergo as a result of the effect of the medication on human body. Newer side effect show up and symptoms are seen when the medication tracing the HIV goes into different parts of the body and harms the parts of the body and new diseases that is born as a result of this clash effects of the chemicals and other ingredients in the medicines with the chemicals present in the composition of the body, while the HIV remains unaffected by all this. 

Side effects has the potential to greatly reduce the effectiveness and benefits of medication and the process of treatment. It is also seen that the side effects are sometimes so severe mentally and physically that the patient discontinues the treatment opting to suffer from HIV only.

Side effects can also be linked to increase in HIV infection and transmission. The side effects may cause external skin raptures, infection of other body fluids with virions of HIV, even in development of resistance for the medication or treatment process or even encourage creation of resistence for the medication in the virions of HIV exposed to it, making the virions develop into new string that would have resistance to the particular medication or treatment process in the next generation of HIV. All this can cause the virions of the HIV to invade more CD4 cells and grow into HIV, negating the effectiveness of existing methods of controlling the infection and transmission.

The side effects also causes strains in interpersonal relationships of the patient, lesser control in the spread of HIV in the body, negative changes in lifestyle, put curb on social interactions, make HIV treatment more expensive and may also cause death in certain cases.

EradicateHIV research concentrated on elimination of side effects all together by bringing back a time tested and natural way of protection from HIV. This technique prevents HIV by destroying the first souce of invasion of the virions of HIV and stopping its spread, at the same time making no change in the lifestyle and cause no side effect at all.

People can implement this once in a lifetime technique at any age and it is available for males and females as well. All the prerequisites to perform this procedure as safely and painlessly as possible is available with all medical centres. The people using this technique are guided as to what precautions they have to take for a few days. Often this include just abstinence and application of some medication and after that they can lead a normal life without the fear of getting infected by HIV.

Mindset and Beliefs

This technique has more potential to eradicate HIV than the medicines and treatments, available now and developed in the future, all put together, that can only treat the after effects of HIV but not give protection from it. All the 100% participants involved in the research remained uninfected from the HIV infection and also did not cause the transmission of the virus. The mindset of the people and their beliefs towards this technique, even of the participants were very critical, but they all were surprised and amazed with the results.

This technique has been proved successful and some of the reasons for its success are:
  1. It targets and eliminates the lodging ground of the virions of HIV. This technique has been used for years and its benefits have been studied and documented in may books, medical journals and research papers.
  2. Using specialized instruments the process has been made more safer and effective and fast. For example, participants had reservations regarding injury during the process but the specialized instrumentation used negated the possibility of injury. Such safety standards resulted in immediate acceptance and permanent change of mindset.
    As EradicateHIV research continued, the participants provided positive feedback and showed more mental clarity towards the process, even during the research and even after going back to their normal lifestyle. They themselves spread the word and helped others accept this technique successfully, which not only increased the significance of the research but also increased its potential as a ideal method to eradicate HIV.
  3. EradicateHIV researchers found that there are no side effects of this technique, which is one of the biggest negative factor in other medicines and other treatment processes, proving that it was a safe, natural and inexpensive process to eradicate HIV.

Removal of Mental block

EradicateHIV research found out that studies had been ongoing in this direction and provided the reason behind the success of this technique as being the elimination of the lodging ground of the virions of HIV virus. EradicateHIV research brings out the technique that breaks the cycle of infection (see figure below: By completing the development of the underdeveloped head of the penis in male and the underdeveloped clitoris in female; only controlling the blood circulation would be required to eradicate HIV, which is easy to accomplish, given the systematic method used by blood banks.) and transmission of the HIV and thus has the potential to eradicate HIV.

EradicateHIV research showed 100% success as none of the participants have been infected by the HIV virus as per the survey done after six months of the research and today after 7 years all the participants still remainomh uninfected with the HIV virus and so does the people who accepted their advice and performed the procedure and this has motivated many to accept this technique to protect themselves from the deadly HIV virus.

EradicateHIV research suggests that this method can be used in rich as well as poor countries without any discrimination. Even non medical persons can be trained to perform this procedure easily and safely using specialized equipment, especially in remote places where lack of medical professionals may slow down the implementation of this technique.

Such empowerment can speed up the implementation of this technique and step up the process of eradication of HIV from the face of earth.

Medical surgeons can train nurses, doctors, para medical staff and others to perform this technique effectively in both males and females. Caution should be however taken when working with people who are already HIV positive.


EradicateHIV is seeking the support of medical associations and decision making  organisations for acceptance of this techniques medically and legally. This will allow the implementation of this technique in all the countries world over.

Plans for implementation include:
  1. Creation of training material for providing training for performing this technique to health professionals and others.
  2. Development of specialized instruments for the implementation of the process. 
  3. Create awareness about the usefulness of this technique in the minds of the people by advertisements and education.
  4. Educate children on the usefulness of this technique in their school curriculum.
  5. Educate the medical organisations, women organisations, children organisation, legal institutions, health organisation regarding the usefulness of this process in the eradication of HIV and seek their support to implement this technique.
  6. Make important personalities to endorse this technique for the protection from HIV.
  7. Organizing camps for performing this procedure.
  8. Perform more studies on this subject and get more research done to bring out more relevance and effectiveness of this technique.
  9. Promote this method in television, internet, radio and other interactive media.
  10. Remove the taboo of religious association of this technique from the minds of the people. It is not true that this technique was implemented as a religious custom in most the religions of the world, but most of the religions made it a part of their religious practice due to the medical benefits of this technique.