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Female Circumcision – the most important question in woman’s life

Female Circumcision – the most important question in woman’s life

Disable the virions HIV virus or invite them into your body!

Female Circumcision is like to experience feeling good. It gives every woman to live a carefree life. Female Circumcision gives the joy and happiness of living an easy life. It gives the woman freedom to fall in love. It also imparts the confidence to amazing sex with her spouse and maintaining a great relationship with him. It keeps her looking perfect without the fear of many diseases like HIV that could affect the uncircumcised. It makes her popular among her circles, well respected as she would be available for other when they need her and admired for her dedication and sincerity.
Female Circumcision – the most important question in woman’s life. EradicateHIV. Eradicate HIV.
Female Circumcision – the most important question in woman’s life. EradicateHIV. Eradicate HIV.
Every woman would like to be in these shoes, because it is an easier choice to make, in life.

But what if a woman is asked as to what she would wants out of her life. The answer would be something like this that, she wants to be happy and have a great family; some would add having a good job. But such an answer is so vague, so unclear that it is almost a wish and means nothing.

Here is a more interesting question, a question maybe most of you never even thought about before, is how much pain is there in your life? How much suffering are you ready to put up with? These two factors are the most crucial determining factors that define the life of woman.

Every woman yearns to be a healthy and happy, but not everyone wants to undergo a small two minute circumcision, completed in one sitting with the doctor, a scar less procedure, with little pain or in some cases no pain at all and what the woman loses is just the hood of the clitoris, a small part of skin tissue, in some cases, just about 2 cm by 1 cm. 

This small loss of tissue also helps the development of the clitoris to be completed. If you are uncircumcised you can check that your clitoris is has only developed to the stage of muscular structure and it does not have a skin on it. This skin develops only after circumcision. So the development of the clitoris is completed only after circumcision.

If you are not able to comprehend what the underdeveloped clitoris is doing to you then imagine this. You get injured on your finger and the injury scrapes the skin off your finger to expose the muscle tissue. It would be very painful but imagine it. Now after the pain of the scraping of the skin subsides, just touch the muscle. You will experience excruciating pain. That is the amount of pain each uncircumcised woman experiences all through her life. But since it is a lingering pain the body and mind tends to get used to it. But the pain is persistant and is always present.

Now let us get back to what we had imagined before. Now imagine that the wound heals and a new skin is developed over the muscle of the finger. Now touch that area of your finger. You will feel all the sensations but there will not be any pain. The same happens after circumcision you will retain all the sensations that you had before but the persistent pain will stop. There won't be any pain as the clitoris becomes fully developed.

There is also another drawback in the uncircumcised and underdeveloped clitoris and that is it offers no protection to the muscle of clitoris from the invasion microorganisms into the body as there is no skin present. The microorganisms very easily enters throught the unprotected muscle structure and give rise to a number of disease right from HIV to Parkinsons disease.

To further complicate things and hood of the clitoris helps to rub the virions of HIV and other microorganisms onto the unprotected surface of the underdeveloped clitoris to ensure that they enter your body.

But after circumcision not only the development of the clitoris is completed, with the development of a skin over the muscle structure, even the hood is no more so that it is not able to lodge microorganisms and push them into the body.

Woman wants to be healthy without circumcision, without the little pain, without letting the underdeveloped clitoris develop completely, without destroying the lodging ground of the microbes of many types of diseases including virions of HIV.

Every woman wants to have wonderful sex and have great relationship with her spouse, but not everyone is willing to go through circumcision, the worldly criticism, the minor pain and the slight emotional stir to get there.  And so they decide not to undergo circumcision. Now after deciding when they get infected with Genital diseases, diseases like HIV, they suffer with it or try to get rid of it for years and years. 

Now the question takes a bigger dimension as their suffering has affected their sex life and their relationship with their partner, spouse. And then they go to the doctor and the only cure turns out to be circumcision. Then what was all the suffering for? If not for their indecision and lack of understanding they could have done it 20 to 30 years prior.

Being healthy requires one to undergo a little bit of pain. The good health is the result of taking the necessary precautions at the right time. A woman can only avoid the side effects of being uncircumcised so long as the diseases like HIV come roaring back into her life.

If one is to go by the basic structure of human nature, the requirements in life are almost similar. Being in good health is very easy to live with. It is the bad health or illness that all of us, have to put up a fight against. So one can conclude that what we achieve in life is not the determined by our good healthy but by how we can prevent and cure the bad health so as to maintain the state of good health.

Woman yearns to have a beautiful body. But it is not easy to achieve unless she is willing to  sacrifice the determination and stress of hours and hours for your personal grooming, calculating her eating habits with careful planning and refrain.

Woman would want to undergo circumcision and become health wise independent. Such a woman would end up in a successful relationship as she has found a way to appreciate the reduced risks of the uncertainties, avoiding repeated infections and avoid wasting useful hours curing some diseases like HIV, that she has no idea if it will be successfully cured or not.

Most women want a partner, a spouse. But it is high chance that a woman will not attract that amazing person if she cannot handle the emotional imbalance that comes along with long relationships, the understanding of intimate needs and loneliness that occur at times due to disease like HIV, that the woman or her spouse may suffer due to her indecision. All this is what constitutes the story of life. If you are not a character in the story, you will always remain a reader.

The success in the life of a woman cannot be ascertained by asking what she likes to do, but the ideal question would be ‘Would she go through some pain to achieve what she likes?’ For a woman the quality of her life is not a sum of her good experiences but it depends on the kind of bad experiences that she has. So in order to become an expert in handling the bad experiences she has to be an expert in dealing with the experiences of life.

There is sentiment that is very common that one should do something only when it has to be done, or when it is absolutely required.

Every woman wants to be circumcised. And every woman knows that it is absolutely required. It is just that the woman is not aware of what they want or rather that they absolutely require it.

If the woman wants to enjoy the benefits of healthy life, she would also want the costs. If she wants a healthy body, she would have to circumcise, bear the soreness for one day, apply an antibiotic or Vaseline and refrain from getting intimate for a few days. If she wants to verify, Circumcision is a legal part of Hoodectomy and Labiaplasty, both cosmetic surgery of Genital parts of woman, it is also the legal treatment in curing more than 100 diseases in woman. 

A woman can also verify that it is the treatment and suffering of the genital diseases like HIV that circumcision saves the woman from, are more than $200 billion dollar a year medical industry. Just imagine the number of women suffering from these diseases, and all these diseases can be prevented by just doing circumcision. If every woman undergoes circumcision this whole medical industry will suffer heavy losses. That medical industry which is thriving on the sufferings of the women.

If a woman wants to undergo circumcision and is listening to the word of mouth and printed materials she may let month after month to pass by. Then waiting for years together for some breakthrough or for some justification, resulting in nothing and that woman may never get circumcised, then it maybe a genital disease, or a forceful habit that can make that woman undergo circumcision. Maybe just wanting to go through circumcision is just like a wish to stay away from diseases like HIV. Maybe it would take an infection to make that woman take the final decision.

Being uncircumcised is like giving the opportunity for any genital disease like HIV to ask the woman, "how she would like to undergo suffering?" Because in the  world today there are more than 3.5 billion people suffering from one kind of a genital disease or the other including HIV, most of which can  be easily prevented by undergoing simple circumcision. These diseases do not ask but make you suffer far more deeply than you could imagine in your desires and fantasies. Because if you choose to circumcise you can lead a life free of many of these diseases like HIV. In your life full of roses this thorn of circumcision will give you your life back, will bring out the real you. And ultimately that is the decision that every woman will have to make. Healthy life is an easy question for any woman and all of them would have a almost similar answer. 

The more intriguing question is about circumcision i.e. would the woman go through the slight pain to sustain good health? The answer to this question will get the woman somewhere. It can be the question that can change the life of a woman. It is what gives the woman her identity. It is what defines a woman and what separates a woman’s individuality and what ultimately binds the whole humanity together.

An uncircumcised woman for most of her adolescence and young adulthood, fantasize of being in good health – of being the most likeable person, in particular. Anytime she visits a public place, sits on a publicly used chair, uses the English toilet, sits on the toilet seat, sits in the bus, she should close her eyes and pray that she is not infected by any genital diseases. This fear would keep the woman occupied for hours on end. The fear would continue when being a part of crowded functions or get together, when little space is shared by many numbers of people or even if she is alone with somebody special. Even in all these situations it would be a question of not getting infected by any diseases that would be playing in her mind instead of the emotions of joy and togetherness. It would be like the woman is bidding her time before taking the right decision to circumcise or a disease or infection forces her to do it. First she has to undergo the psychological torture of not getting infected, and then she may have to undergo the physiological torture of getting infected. Then, she will find a way to consult for expert advice. Then, undergo circumcision.

In spite of brooding over circumcision for over half of her life, in most woman reality never comes. It may take a long time and a lot of infections to finally figure out, she actually wanted to do circumcision.

The woman is usually in love with the result, of her leading a healthy life, cherishing a successful relationship, no suffering and pain of infections, wanting the same health for her family; but she does not love the process of circumcision. And because of that she failed to achieve what she loved again and again. A woman who does not even think about getting circumcised; never does it.

The daily newspapers will not support the woman and compare Female Circumcision to FGM (An African tribal custom where the genitals  of the female are cut and mutilated, but in female circumcision the genital parts of the woman are not mutilated at all), the hue and cry from woman organizations who don’t support woman (paid by the pharmaceutical companies who are earning millions of dollars from the woman’s misery), the  pressure of comparison with religious practice negates all the medical benefits and  the silence of the doctors and the medical faculty not supporting  woman over the benefits  of female circumcision (the doctors too earn a lot of money from women suffering from genital  diseases and also from the pharmaceutical companies). The government will also not support the woman (as they are financed by many of these pharmaceutical companies), the medical authorities will not support the woman (They are lobbied, represented and also financed by the pharmaceutical companies.) For a woman getting circumcised is like reaching the top of a mountain and these hurdles make her trip even more difficult and riskier. It might not take the woman a lot of time to realize that she would like to undergo circumcision but not face all the hurdles that made it impossible to reach there. The woman would just like to be circumcised.

Medically it would be great misfortune that such a simple and economic process, which can almost be called vaccination from hundreds of diseases like HIV, is so underutilized. Future doctors and medical authorities would ridicule the current medical system for their greed and narrow-mindedness. The next generation of woman will pity the woman of the current generation who chickened out of such a great medical procedure and gave in to conventional ideology and paid publicity and put a whole next generation at risk of harmful genital diseases like HIV. The role of the governments of developed countries would also be questionable as to the reason to rejection of the health of its citizens for the financial support from medical companies. In the future, in the hands of the new generation, everything will become as clear as crystal.

So here the truth is more interesting than it began: The woman thinks that she needs circumcision, but it turns out nobody is interested in giving her the freedom to do what she thinks is right.

The woman wants the reward of good health and wants to get circumcised to achieve it. The woman wants to maintain a good relationship with her partner, her spouse and is ready to protect herself and her partner from the genital infections and diseases like HIV. The woman understands the fight she has ahead of her and knows her victory is in getting circumcised. And that is how the life of a woman works.

Who a woman is, is determined by the values she is willing to struggle for. The woman who takes the time and patience to groom herself, are the ones who have beautiful body. The  woman who believe  in the rights of woman, do not stop another woman from a healthy future and also do not sell their voice for any amount of money from anybody and let her fellow female members suffer from various kinds of diseases like HIV. The woman in the medical field who know the benefits of female circumcision should speak up and guide their other counterparts in the right direction instead of being an audience to something they have studied that is very helpful to the woman and her partner and her family and to the human race as a whole.

Finally to conclude this is neither a call for woman to show off her willpower or determination nor is it another example of the saying there is no gain without pain.

This is just a preview of the most simple and basic ingredient of life: It is the decision of a woman that defines her relationship with her partner, spouse and her family. So a woman should take her decisions wisely.

Y. Ali

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