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How HIV virus can kill you for your superstition

How HIV virus can kill you for your superstition? 

Each one of you must have heard of Circumcision, it is age old medical process that has the potential to eradicate HIV. Circumcision provides 100% guaranteed protection against the HIV to those who use  this procedure.

In the ancient days when organizations like World Health Organization (Founded on April 7, 1948) were not formed, all medical practices was implemented using religious diktat. As medicine was not an organized sector and it was very difficult to bring together all the quacks in the world on one platform at that time. But religion was widespread and totally accepted. So Circumcision was introduced through religion for its medical benefits 3000 years ago. 
How HIV virus can kill you for your superstition. EradicateHIV.  Eradicate HIV.
How HIV virus can kill you for your superstition. EradicateHIV.  Eradicate HIV.

Circumcision also has a very good medical prominence in the current medical scenario. It is one of the major method used by medical organisations like WHO to control the spread of the HIV, especially in South Africa. However WHO uses only Male Circumcision to stop the spread of the HIV virus, if it would use Female Circumcision along with Male Circumcision, HIV virus could be easily eradicated from South Africa and even the entire world.

In spite of this fact, there is complete silence about Circumcision around the world, where it is termed as a religious ritual. The researchers claim that there is no medical benefits of circumcision to introduce it on a worldwide scale. Thus it is an irony that while in South Africa circumcision can effectively control the HIV infection on a large scale, but the whole world is still trying to search for a medicine to get protection from HIV. At the same time the HIV negative people are becoming HIV positive on a rather alarming scale world over.

People all over the world who know about the benefits of Circumcision are getting circumcised to protect themselves and their families from the HIV and other diseases. In US the one time cost of the operation of circumcision costs $800-$3000 but in developing countries one can do it under $20. Performing circumcision is considerably cheaper when compared to providing medication and treatments after the HIV has infected. Despite the natural, economic, effective benefits the whole world is kept away from accepting Circumcision.

The reason most probably is that the religious mentality, narrow minded religious blindness and ever prevailing religious hatred that have clouded each person's mind. The decision making organisation are standing unshaken to move away from their deep rooted belief that circumcision is a religious ritual and even if it can save billions of life, they choose to ignore it.

The important point that these organization don't accept that when the benefits of circumcision was discovered when the medical sector did not exist. What ever medical facilities were available, those weren't efficient enough to launch a procedure like circumcision on a world wide scale and such an implementation would have completely flopped. 

This is the truth that is clearly evident in the medical history, but it cannot be expressed as the health organisations and decision making health officials, don't want to look at this evidence. It is clearly after the discontinuation of the process of circumcision just as a result of cash crunch after the World War II- Circumcision was widely carried out all over the world till the end of World War II - that diseases like HIV and AIDS have started affecting human beings. Male Circumcision and Female Circumcision had been the best way to protect against HIV for more than 3000 years. It would be possible to again eradicate the HIV like before but only if Circumcision is carried out on a worldwide scale - but it is not accepted because of a mental block.

Studies have found that men and women who used circumcision as protection against HIV have never been infected by the HIV virus. Another study confirms that with only one partner being circumcised, that partner remains protected from HIV virus. Even with such evidence of protection the process of circumcision is still doubted. 

Even gay man find that those circumcised are protected from HIV. But those partners of gay men who engage in anal masturbation or oral masturbation remain unprotected due to the injuries that are caused during the  process. The anal tissue is not made for masturbation, so during the process the internal skin cracks giving virions of HIV direct access to the blood stream. Likewise in oral masturbation if there is a wound in the mouth of that partner then it gives the virions of HIV direct access to the blood stream. In both the above cases that partner is infected by the HIV. But this cannot be termed as a disadvantage of circumcision. As all the organs in the human body are designed to be used in a particular manner. Now if man or woman creates a new use for the organs then it is bound to cause harm and injury.

The medical organisation and decision makers stand firm to their beliefs, superstitious religious beliefs. Even when there is clear suggestion that Circumcision had to use the religious support as the medical organisations were non existent at that time, when Circumcision was implemented because of its medical benefits. How can they not see that Circumcision has so many benefits, has no side effects and can completely eradicate HIV.

It is not like the use of medication wherein one has to continuously use it to get protection, circumcision has to be done just once in the whole lifetime and then one can completely forget about HIV - you don't have to take any medication any treatments and you are protected for life. Three studies conducted in different countries using circumcision gave the same successful result that HIV can be controlled efficiently by circumcision, highlighting that circumcision gives the same results for all types of people all over the world. These studies that gave such positive results were halted and further studies were discontinued to hide the successful results.

The degree of superstitious thinking against Circumcision can be seen from the fact that despite of so many research that has been done in favour of Circumcision nothing is printed in any newspaper. But the launch of every medication and treatments are religiously covered by all newspapers. And in a few days the same newspaper covers the failure of the medication or treatment. 

When seen from the perspective of the HIV, medication and treatments try to attack the weak points of the HIV, but these drugs do not reach the HIV because it remains protected inside the CD4 cell, while virions of HIV are exposed to these drugs. These virions when they capture a CD4 cell and grow into a HIV inside it naturally creates resistence to the drugs they were exposed to. This helps the HIV to convert its weakness into its strength making the medication or treatment ineffective and the HIV becomes more stronger and  more resilient with each generation. 

But when it is known that the HIV is a parasitic virus that can only grow inside the CD4 cell then why would the researchers waste time and money concentrating on attacking the weakness of the HIV virus when those drugs will never reach the HIV. While at the same time more people are getting infected by HIV and some are dying.

One of the main reason why WHO choose to implement circumcision in South Africa is because of the economic condition of the country. The iron clad religious hatred for circumcision melted when WHO found that this country would have no money to pay if WHO introduces failed medications and treatments in this country. So providing a natural, simple, effective and cost efficient process of circumcision can take care of both the costs and the HIV. But the South African people should consider themselves lucky for not being converted into bodies loaded with chemicals and as subjects of experiment for HIV drugs, by getting the opportunty of avoiding the use of medication or treatment for protection from HIV.

But the other part of the world has the ability too pay, the medical companies and the health organizations are aware of this fact, all they want to do is to keep their profits up. Otherwise they would incur huge loses if every person undergoes circumcision because the people who take their medications and treatments have to continue to take them for the rest of their lives. Profits goes up up and beyond.

Circumcision allows the completion of the development of the head of the penis or glans in male and the clitoris in female. Every uncircumcised person can check easily that if the head of his penis is a muscle with no skin on it. It is that way because it is not competely developed. The foreskin stops the development of the head of the penis by stopping the growth of its skin but also many other development that is not obivious. 

Circumcision is also known for its protection in gay men, wherein the circumcised person is protected during unprotected sexual contact but the visible injuries and microscopic injuries cause the person offering anal masturbation or oral masturbation to acquire the HIV infection. 

Even the woman are completely protected from HIV infection by female circumcision. Female Circumcision gives woman the same 100% protection from HIV virus as male circumcision. Uncircumcised women can check easily that their clitoris is just muscle with no skin on it. The hood of the clitioris stops the complete development of the clitoris. The obivious is that there is no skin but there may be other suppressed developments. After Circumcision the development of the clitoris is completed and the skin grows on the clitoris. The women can also have unprotected sexual contact with men while being completely protected from the HIV virus forever, by using female circumcision.

If you are not able to comprehend what underdevelopment of the head of the penis or what underdevelopment of the clitoris means then try to visualize this. You completely remove or scrape the skin of one of your fingers till you reach the muscular tissue. That is very painful. But once you reach the muscular tissue stop. Now let the pain of scraping subside. Now touch the muscular tissue. It would be very painful, that is how much pain a person with an underdeveloped head of the penis or a person with a underdeveloped clitoris has to bear all his or her life. But since one gets used to that pain, most of the people do not feel the pain. But it is actually very excruciating pain. 

Now again imaging your scraped finger heals and there is skin on top of it. Now touch it. You will have the same sensation but without the pain. That is what happens when a person male or female undergoes circumcision. The head of the penis and the clitoris are covered by skin respectively. Now there is no change in sensation but the perpetual pain is gone. The head of the penis and the clitoris becomes completely developed. 

Now because of the absence of the skin this surface was also a passage for many microbes and virons of various viruses and various fungal bodies to enter the body and cause different types of diseases. Now with the skin on the surface this passage is closed permanently and the body is protected from these microbes permanently.

Further the tissue ie. the foreskin over the head of the penis and the hood over the clitoris also tend to create a space for the anaerobic microbes and virons to survive and hide. Now with that tissue eliminated, there is no place for the harmful anerobic microbes and virons to hide.

It should also be noted that there is a genuine widespread concern that the use of all these medication and treatments can have negative effects on the body composition of the male and female using them. Firstly the medications and treatments are not thoroughly tested for side effects. And once side effects are found nothing is done to reduce the side effects.

 Secondly the medication and treatments don't protect the HIV from entering the human body but only reduces the invasion of the virions of HIV into the CD4 cells, which would be very harmful in the long run. Because all the future generations of men and women will carry the HIV in their blood streams waiting for an opportunity to infect that body. 

In other words by using medications and treatments the virions of HIV would continue to infect Human beings but the human being will only be protected from the virions of HIV present in the blood from invading more CD4 cells. What this exactly means is that Circumcision is the only way that can completely protect the virions of HIV from entering human body, completely eliminating the risk of our future generations living in the shadow of infection from the HIV. 

The added advantage is that both male circumcision and female circumcision also offers 100% protection against many sexually transmitted diseases, Urinary tract infections etc.

So how does the facts regarding Circumcision stand. The superstition of regarding circumcision as a religious custom or ritual is totally wrong. It was the absence of a medical system or organisation that forced the implementation of circumcision through religion. 

Those who don't like circumcision should open their minds to the benefits of circumcision and all the people male and female should use circumcision to protect themselves and their families from HIV. 

Every male has the right to complete the development of the part of their body, the head of their penis. Each person should exercise their right and end the life long pain of live with a muscle in the body with no skin on it.

Likewise every women in the world has the right to complete the development of their clitoris. So that once and for all the persistent naging pain of a muscle in the body with the skin is put to an end and every women in the world can live their life fully without the pain and without the suffering at the same time getting protection from various diseases.

For the eradication of HIV we have a 100% guaranteed, natural, simple, efficient and  economic process, but the health organisations and medical decision makers are refusing to accept it. This is clearly a modern superstition, in this modern times ignoring the huge medical benefits of a process for religious mental block is clearly the height of being superstitious. 

It would be absolutely correct to say that any person man or woman who is infected by the HIV virus should hold the superstitious health organisations and health decision makers responsible for it, who are refusing to accept circumcision. HIV can be eradicated from the surface of the earth only if the health organization  and decision making individuals give up their religious prejudice against circumcision. 

Y. Ali

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