Monday, May 16, 2016

How HIV is pampered with medication and treatment

How HIV is pampered with medication and treatment

Deactivate virions of HIV, Eradicate virus with natural, simple, effective and time tested HIV vaccine.

As the number of people infected by HIV crosses the estimated 50 million all over the world, the researchers are still searching for an effective vaccine for HIV, when it is clearly common knowledge that there exists of a natural, simple and effective HIV vaccine which if effectively used can eradicate HIV from the face of the earth.
Don't pamper HIV virus with medication and treatment, EradicateHIV, Eradicate HIV
Don't pamper HIV virus with medication and treatment, EradicateHIV, Eradicate HIV

The thorough study of HIV is yielding to new avenues of medication but it is well known that HIV is an organism that can mutate itself, so focusing on a particular trait in HIV can only result in the medication getting ineffective after HIV mutates creating a new string of HIV which will have resistence to that medication. In this manner HIV will continue to infect people and the researchers will keep attacking the weakness of the virus one after the other and making the virus stronger and more resilient with every new medication. Thus the medications and treatments are actually pampering HIV to grow more stronger and mature so that it can infect more human beings and cause more death.

Normally vaccines are known to program the defense system of the body to beware of a particular virus or bacteria and to effectively destroy it when the same is found again in the human body. But this would be true only if the microbes like bacteria or fungus remains unchanged. In case of HIV we are facing a virus that grows only inside a CD4 cell and releases only inactive and immobile virions of HIV into the blood stream and other body fluids. The virions get activated only when they come in contact with a CD4 cell. After which they invade that CD4 cell and grow into an HIV. 

In a vaccine a dead of inactive HIV virus that would be put into the human body to activate a immune response. But in reality the HIV is never found freely in the blood or other body fluids. HIV can only grow inside a CD4 cell. Further the virions produced and released by matured HIV is inactive and immobile, whereby body cannot be alerted from them. But the cleaning system of the body efficiently cleans these virions out of the body by the natural cleaning method of the body. It is only those virions that get lodged under the foreskin in male that covers the underdeveloped head of the penis and the hood in female that covers the underdeveloped clitoirs, that the virions are pushed on to the CD4 cells to invade them and grow into a HIV. This is the reason why vaccines to stop HIV virus have not been effective at all.

In the process of mutation to new drugs the virions of HIV, when they are exposed to new drugs creates resilience for it. Now when these virions enter a CD4 cell and grow into a HIV, the said HIV will also have the same resilience for the drugs that the virions were exposed to. Now when these new HIV produces and releases new virions, this new set of virions will also have resilience to those drugs. Thus a new string of HIV is created with resilience to those drugs that the virions of HIV were exposed to. Thus the cycle of Mutation in HIV is completed. And despite of the person regularly taking those durgs the HIV is again activated in the body of the person.

By making medication against the characteristics and features of HIV is not only a waste of time but also a total waste of resources as HIV is not exposed to these drugs and is safely hosted by the CD4 cell inside which it grows. The body of the CD4 cell prevents the medication from reaching the HIV. While only the virions of HIV are exposed to the medication and these virions have the capacity to create resilience for the drugs they are exposed to in the next generation of HIV. 

Instead of putting in so much efforts and money in the research of a medicine or vaccine for an ever-changing HIV virus, it is wise to focus the energy on the implementation of a tried and tested method which has no side effects and is completely natural and there is no further research required to establish the efficiency of this process.

All the efforts in trying to target the HIV and fighting the after-effects of the HIV infection would only prove to be an ongoing process as all those efforts and results does not affect the HIV at all as it is safely protected inside the body of the CD4 cell. But the virions of HIV released by the matured HIV from inside the CD4 cell can develop resistance to the drugs that it is exposed and pass over these resistance to the new generation of HIV thus creating a new string of HIV.

All the new knowledge that are been acquired by the study of the HIV have been limited to the constraints of the body that the HIV has infected. But due to the ability of the virions of HIV virus to create resistance to the substances that they are exposed to it would be impossible to find HIV same features in two different bodies, every second generation of the HIV in the respective human body will have different characteristics just like the fingerprint in human beings, as the substances to which the virions of HIV are exposed to may differ if not widely but slightly as every human being is different from each other. So when  the virions that are exposed to the various substances of the said body grows into HIV, it will have resistance to all the substances that the virions are exposed to. Now when these new generation of HIV produces and releases new virions, these new virions will also have the same resilience to the drugs that its parent virion was exposed to.

Thus researching and running after the HIV to catch it seems to be a futile process but standing in front of it and stopping the virus from attacking makes a lot of sense. This natural method does just that, it protects people from getting infected from HIV. It eliminates the lodging ground of virions of HIV and pinches out the first point of entry of the virions of HIV into the human body. 

The virions of HIV can survive very harsh conditions but once it comes in contact with the CD4 cell and activates then it can only enter into that CD4 cell and live inside the CD4 cell. There are just two ways for the HIV to infect the human body one is primary, the other is secondary. If we can control the primary, the secondary can be easily controlled.

An HIV is a living organism that can only grow inside the CD4 cell of the human body. All the methods used as medication will have no effect on the HIV as it is safely placed inside the body of the CD4 cell,  but these methods and medications that the virions of HIV are exposed to can create resilience in these virions when they develop into HIV. It may take some time but once the new generation is created by those virions of HIV, the HIV infection will become active again.

Thus finding and searching out for different ways to stop the virus after it has entered the body can prove to be a never ending task taking  into consideration the process and method of infection of HIV.

The different methods that may seem like a breakthrough in medical terms and that may prove successful in stopping the virus would eventually become another opportunity for the virus to improve on and become more resilient and even mutate to a new string with that resilience inbuilt.

Experimenting with various medication would also lead to the body defense system to initiate a response towards the medications since for the human body the medications are also a foreign substance in the body. Such a response from the body may cause complications in the body but the HIV remains unaffected as these medication never reach the HIV, due to the protection by the body of the CD4 cell.

On an extreme case it is also possible that the cells of the body may begin to mutate themselves due to the affects of all these medicines, thus creating a total imbalance all over the body. This cell activity of the body would lead to a whole new scenario of diseases and side effects. This can become one of the long term side effects of these medicines.

But the truth is there is no need to undergo all these experimentation as there a vaccine readily available and that is totally natural and free of any side effects and it has the potential to eradicate HIV.

Instead of trying to find out new medication and wasting so much time and money on research, it would be both wise and prudent to implement the EradicateHIV research that is giving 100% guarantee to eradicate HIV. All these experimenting and researching would lead passage of valuable time and the more time passes by the more people get infected by the HIV virus. In other words it would not take the HIV virus a lot of time to infect millions of people, if it is not controlled now.

With such an effective research lying non implemented due to some kind of mindset that people have made towards it, is not worth wasting the lives of millions of people. In other words sacrificing the lives of so many people just in the name of Research and Assumptions cannot be held medically ethical in any books of medicine or any law related to medicine.