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How to get permanent protection from HIV virus forever

How to get permanent protection from HIV virus forever?

This vaccine does not create any resistance in the HIV or the virions of the HIV but just stops the growth of HIV by stopping the virions from getting to CD4 cells.

The HIVhas again hit the human population. After doing research for 35 years, the world is still stalked with an increase in the number of HIV infections. The HIV continue to infect people and by March 2016 had infected more than 50 million people across the world, and is still rising. 
How to get permanent protection from HIV virus forever. EradicateHIV. Eradicate HIV
How to get permanent protection from HIV virus forever. EradicateHIV. Eradicate HIV

The most painful aspect is that this gives us a reminder of how important circumcision is, which for more than 3000 years had kept deadly diseases like HIV under control. Circumcision was developed by the medical faculty that was present at that time, the exact name of the person may not be known, as the there was no medical records or medical institutions or organisation present at that time. So this medical discovery was implemented using religion as a base as religion was the only system, had fairly good acceptance all over the world.

Male circumcision and female circumcision at that time was found to eliminate diseases like HIV virus and other diseases that originated from the genital area. Circumcision is 100% effective at preventing and protecting an individual from HIV.

Given the conditions of research, equipment and medical knowledge available at that time developing a vaccine like circumcision against HIV and other diseases would have been a huge effort. 

" scientists...still cannot develop a better vaccine than circumcision..."

If compared, today scientists have modern equipment and high medical knowledge but they still cannot develop a better vaccine than circumcision to fight viruses like HIV. 

The main strong point of Circumcision is that it lets the virions of HIV not to come in contact with CD4 cells. It makes the virions of HIV fall off outside the human body by not letting the virions of HIV to enter the body and invade CD4 cells. With the invation of CD4 cells by virions of HIV standing eliminated the virions of HIV has no option but to fall out of the human body, making the virions of the HIV ineffective to invade or attack human beings.

"...virions of HIV...fall outside the human..."

Circumcision proved so successful for prevention of diseases like HIV that it had to be implemented widely for prevention of those diseases 3000 years ago. It was not feasible to implement circumcision through the quacks or unqualified medical persons as it would not be acceptable to the common people in general. And using a widely acceptable doctrine - it was a classical method of implementing medications or new rule, by making it a religious diktat - so that no person questions about the process but just accepts it.  

Circumcision has the ability to let the human body complete the development of the head of the penis or glans in male and the clitoris in female. Before circumcision the head of the penis or glans in male and the clitoris in female do not have any skin. Both these parts respectively remain underdeveloped i.e. the part is only muscle with the skin, due to the presence of the foreskin in male and hood in female. But the removal of the foreskin and the hood completes the development of both these parts respectively and both the parts get a skin like other parts of the body.

The complete development of the head of the penis or glans in male and the clitoris in female help stop the entry of microbes and virions of viruses like HIV into the human body. By eliminating the source of their entry, the virions of HIV virus is forced to fall outside the human body, as it does not find any immune cells to invade. Circumcision thus provides permanent protection against HIV infection and controls the spread of the virions of HIV effectively. 

While many medications and treatment procedures has tried to give protection against the HIV, not a single method is, was and will ever be as effective as Circumcision. The deadly virions of HIV - that it grows HIV into after invading CD4 cell in the human body cannot invade the human body from a full developed head of the penis or glans in male and the clitoris in female as the skin of the area becomes just like the skin of any other part of the body - can only reach that milestone after invading CD4 cell to facilitate the growth of the HIV virus. This process the virions of HIV can do only through the underdeveloped of the head of the penis or glans in male and underdeveloped clitoris in female and with the help of the prepuce (foreskin in male and hood of clitoris in female). 

"...HIV virus attacked only uncircumcised male and female..."

Research found that virions of HIV could infect the CD4 cells only uncircumcised and underdeveloped head of the penis or glans in male and uncircumcised and underdeveloped clitoris in female by using the support of the foreskin and the hood to to invade the CD4 cells. In addition to growing in the protection inside the CD4 wherein the HIV lives like a parasite controlling the cell completely, the HIV virus even creates more virions of HIV and sprews it out into the blood so that it can invade more and more CD4 cells. 

Attempts to regenerate the success of circumcision with medication and treatments have always been unsuccessful.

With circumcision there is no need to study the HIV details or its life cycle as the virions of HIV made ineffective far before it can cause any harm to the human body. Research gives give a clear picture of how circumcision can successfully eliminate a dangerous and deadly virus like HIV without any medication. 

"Circumcision...comply with the rules of vaccination..."

What this would mean is that there is no need to feel threatened by the inactive virions of HIV any more. Circumcision has effectively beaten all the medication and treatment procedure that have been developed in the last 30 years against HIV infection, by miles. The ability of Circumcision to get the virions of HIV ineffective and making it harmless to the human body does not require the study of the evolution of the HIV or isolating it. Circumcision has now cleared its way to comply with the rules of vaccination and will soon become a natural and effective vaccine against diseases like HIV.

The success is just a decision away. In spite of the considerable advantage of circumcision in protection against the HIV, millions of people are infected with HIV due to non implementation of male circumcision and female circumcision. The decision makers are delaying in taking the decision to implement male circumcision and female circumcision, while at the same time millions of people are dying of HIV infection or AIDS category associated diseases. 

AT the end of World War II, only because of financial cruch, circumcision was officially dismissed as having no medical value, which has lead to millions of people have been infected by HIV and half of them have died because of the HIV infection. This rightly proves that circumcision was a critical process that had kept diseases like HIV under complete control, rather had eradicated it from the human race.

"Circumcision has till now never failed in any trials..."

Circumcision triumph in medication trials. 

Circumcision has till now never failed in any trials and has proven itself to be the best vaccine in all the trials. While vaccination by medication have been started and stopped many times due to the failing results of the medication to stop the virus and protect the person from the virus. 

Even bio medication have failed to prevent HIV infection. All the medication and treatments have failed while Circumcision has kept its winning streak stable and that very effectively.

"...combination of Male circumcision with female circumcision reduced...HIV infection to 0%..."

Circumcision, always has proved it is the best vaccination. With partial circumcision, only male circumcision showing high percentage of success, which research reported that a combination of Male circumcision with female circumcision reduced the rate of HIV infection to 0% in more than 200 (44 + 154) participants in the research, not a single person was infected by the HIV virus. That research, known as Eradicate HIV research, tested male circumcision and female circumcision as a vaccine and followed up with individuals for a period of 7 years. Circumcision provided 100% protection to all the participants when circumcision was used the only protection without any other medications or treatments.

Working towards determining the factors that led to the high level of protection, researchers found that Circumcision effectively destroyed the first point of contact of the virion of HIV by destroying its storage space under the prepuce (the foreskin and hood of the clitoris) and the underdeveloped head of the penis in men or the underdeveloped clitoris in women. 

The presence of the foreskin of the penis in male and hood of the clitoris in female keeps the head of the penis and the clitioris underdeveloped i.e. the muscle does not have a skin. It is only after the circumcision that the skin grows on both the head of the penis and the clitoris respectively. This skin makes the entry of the virions of the HIV impossible just as it is impossible from other parts of the human body were there is a proper skin completely developed.  

"...once in a lifetime circumcision procedure...deactivated the HIV virus..."

The virions of the HIV does not get the chance to invade the CD4 cells of the body due to the presence of the normal skin on the head of the penis in the male and the clitoris in the female. Research proved that virions of the HIV didn't have any chance but to fall outside the human body, no medicines had to be used, no treatment to be followed and the once in a lifetime circumcision procedure both deactivated the HIV virus and kept the immune system of the body from the attack of the virions of HIV.

" capable of killing...all HIV a natural way..."

Simplicity and Naturalist approach of Circumcision

It is widely agreed that Circumcision is an ideal vaccine against HIV, which is capable of deactivating the HIV of all strains and it does so in a natural way without the help of any medication or treatments. Circumcision accomplishes this by allowing the complete development of the head of the penis in male and the clitoris in the female which otherwise becomes the passage for the virions of HIV into the human body. By the complete development of the head of the penis in male and the clitoris in the female means that these two parts in the male and female respectively grows only till the level of muscular structure and then stops developing. The skin is not formed just like every other part of the body. This underdeveloped part becomes a easy target for the entry of microorganisms into the human body. 

Circumcision does not target only the HIV but it also broadly neutralizes all the anaerobic microbes and virions like HIV outside the human body making them incapable of attacking the immune system of the human body. Researchers have identified that circumcision by allowing the completion of the development of the glans in males and the clitoris in females makes it just like any other part of the human body with normal skin structure. After circumcision the glans and the clitoris become coated with two to three layers of normal skin coating making them safe from HIV virus just like any other part of the human body. 

"Circumcision...neutralizes all the anaerobic microbes and virions like HIV..."

Circumcision has offered very promising result from the use of protection strategy to become an ideal vaccine against HIV. The HIV is one of the leading causes of HIV infections for people of all ages, worldwide. Circumcision was first identified as an ideal method to allow the complete development of this extremely vulnerable area that the virions of HIV targets to enter the human body. It was then confirmed by the researchers that it was the CD4 cell that was targeted by the virions of HIV virus to engineer the growth of the HIV. If exposed to the drugs create resistence for those drugs in the new HIV that grows in the new CD4 cell whereby the virions created by that newly grown HIV will have natural resistance to those drugs that the parent virions were exposed to. It is the virons of the HIV which lead to full fledged infection in that targeted body. After circumcision it was observed that virions of the HIV was stopped from entering the body as the starting point of this whole process, and this threat becomes permanently eliminated.

Circumcision has proved beyond any doubt that using this principle, no other approach could be as effective against the HIV. Together with the identification of the reason why circumcision neutralizes the virions of HIV, it is high time to work towards application of circumcision as a vaccine against HIV. 

In a research it was reported that there are two more benefits of circumcision that helps in deactivating the virions of HIV. The first one being, when the prepuce holds the infectious liquid after sexual contact in the area between the glans and the foreskin or the hood and the clitoris the virions of HIV gets more time to invade the CD4 cell, as the glans and clitoris don't have a skin to protect the same. After circumcision with this space gone and the development of the skin on the glans and the clitoris respectively the HIV virus doesn't get any time or means to invade the human body. 

Secondly the fully matured HIV inside the CD4 cell is capable sprewing thousands of virions into the blood, which are just like seeds and are inactive till they find a CD4 cell. These virions depend on the forces of nature to move from one place to other. They cannot move on their own. This is what makes them seem just as some other impurity in blood. While most of these are thrown out of the body through the natural cleaning process of blood some of them may find some CD4 cells and invade it and enable the growth of another HIV. While some of them on the way out may get lodged in the prepuce and reenter the body through the undeveloped glans or clitoris by the forces of nature. The HIV lives like a plant in the CD4 cell and dies with it. It just creates virions, millions of them and that is what causes the HIV infection aggrevate. This finding further strengthened the use of circumcision as an effective vaccine,leading to addition of more benefits which were HIV specific. 

The characteristics of the underdeveloped glans and clitoris that becomes developed after circumcision has led to the identification of the gateway of microbes and virions into the human body. This information can now be used in the study of other microbes and virions like that of HIV and their methods of invasion into the body

"...method of cure for those who are already infected with HIV..."

Circumcision has become a boon to deactivate the virions of HIV and further study into the characteristics of the tissue of the underdeveloped glans or clitoris provides major advance to creating a process or method of cure for those who are already infected with HIV. Such a study would lead to finding of a method that will lead to removing HIV from the human body. 

"...Circumcision does not...burden...the immune system of the body..."

Circumcision does not burden the immune system of the body.

Researchers have identified that Circumcision does not put any burden on the immune system of the body, there is also a renewed focus on understanding how much relief does the body's immune system get after the microbe infested and underdeveloped glans and clitioris becomes completely developed.

Researchers are trying to calculate the body energy, resources and time saved in the body by circumcision that can be now diverted to more productive uses. And also with the body free from any kind of medication or treatment, there is no war going on in the body between the HIV and the immune system of the body. Researchers say that it saves a lot of energy and maintains the composition of the human body. 

Circumcision neutralizes the virions of HIV outside the human body which helps maintain the cycle of healthy body and mind with lot of energy to do productive things in life. 

A thorough examination of the present medication and treatments would reveal that their side effects are not ordinary. Many of the medications have high level of substances that has the capacity to create mutation in the normal body cells that lead to complications in the organs or other parts of the body. 

The virions of HIV develops resistence to all substances that it is exposed to and then transferes that resistence to the new HIV that it grows into the CD4 cell. Since the body composition of each individual is different it would mean that each and every individual infected with HIV will have different virus strains, as in every individual the virions of HIV will be exposed to different substances. The reason why the body is not able to identify or fight the HIV is because it spreads through inactive virions and the HIV grows only inside the CD4 cell.

Circumcision saves a person from all this complex tactics with its simple, natural and efficient process. This vaccine does its work outside the human body when the virions of the HIV virus are not exposed to any substance in the body and gives it ample time to fall off outside the human body. 

"...circumcision...lets people live a natural life.."

One major benefit of circumcision is that it lets people live a natural life without and medication or treatment residues in the body and without the fear of the HIV. This permanent protection strategy is currently giving protection to 2.1 billion people in the world from HIV, and soon will offer the same benefit to each and every individual in all countries in the world.

"Circumcision...currently giving protection to 2.1 billion people in the world..."

Researchers are testing circumcision for getting more knowledge about the protection it can provide in case of HIV and other genital diseases. Circumcision slams the normal passage of the virions of HIV shutting it on its face, preventing the virions of the virus from invading the CD4 cell, giving it more time to fall outside the human body, pinching out any option for the virions of the virus to infect the body. Circumcision does not involve cellular protection (make the cells of the body to fight the HIV) but it becomes the wall between the cells of the body and the HIV.

"Circumcision slams the normal passage of the virions of HIV shutting it..."

Further research into the uncharted territory of benefits of circumcision, would reveal new features and protection techniques that was not known before such that on introduction as a vaccine the common people would be able to understand clearly how the process of circumcision works and how does it protect them from HIV.

Eradicating the HIV virus

Circumcision has developed into an effective vaccine against HIV and is awaiting its deployment as safe and effective HIV vaccine which is the highest priority for Global Health. The research that is done into understanding the process of circumcision, and further research to know about more benefits of circumcision will help to make circumcision an ideal vaccine for HIV. 

Already researchers have found that the HIV becomes helpless because of circumcision, and that the virions of HIV virus fall outside on the human body. Researchers are now trying to apply the protection offered by circumcision to control other genital diseases for which vaccines have not be discovered.

In the same way new technologies that are coming up  in genetic and immune monitoring would be able to bring out more benefits of Male Circumcision and Female circumcision. It would not be surprising in the future if a doctor would suggest circumcision as a vaccine against many infectious diseases and even certain types of cancers. The prospect of learning more about the human immune system would bring out more advantages of circumcision and then circumcision could become an all in one vaccination for many genital diseases especially the HIV virus.   

Y. Ali
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