Thursday, May 19, 2016

How to stop the inacitve and immobile virions of HIV outside your body?

How to stop the inactive and immobile virions of HIV outside your body? 

HIV has now been living with us human beings for a long time now. Studies have shown that the medications and treatments that are made to control HIV are just pampering it by making it more stronger and more resilient. This is encouraging HIV to infect more people and take more lives. 

The researchers have identified the inactive and immobile virions of HIV grows into a HIV inside the CD4 cell and it is the underdeveloped head of the penis in male and the underdeveloped clitoris in female that help the virion of HIV to get to the CD4 cell. And it is the prepuce ie. the foreskin og the head of the penis in male and the hood of the clitoris that lodges and pushes the inactive and the immobile virions of HIV into the body through the unprotected and underdeveloped head of the penis in male and the underdeveloped clitoris in female. 

After invading  the CD4 cell, the researchers have found out that, the virion grows into HIV and uses all the resoucres of the cell for its survival. In the process it deactivates the cell from doing the tasks of protecting the body but at the same time keeps the cell head count which stops the body from making new CD4 cells. As the HIV matures in the CD4 cell it produces and releases more and more virions of HIV into the blood and into other body fluid. The virions are very very small and inactive and immobile particles that can only move around using the forces of nature. As the move around, if the get attached to a CD4 cell the virions get activated and invades the cell and grows into a HIV.  

Within a period of years time there would be more and more virions in the blood and other fluids of the body and so will there be more and more CD4 cells invaded by these virions that would grow into HIV.  

The body is not able to distinguish the CD4 cells infected with HIV because the HIV keeps the cell intact and makes no changes to it, nor does it change the composition or the appearence of the cell but just deactivates the cell from protecting human body. 

In due time the virions of HIV would have invaded maximum CD4 cells in that body. The HIV grows insides these cells also matures and starts producing and releasing more and more virions into the blood and other body fluids. 

Now these invaded CD4 cells are inactivated and does obey the orders of the body and defend the body but instead these new HIV will produce and release more and more virions of HIV which would infect more and more CD4 cells thus making the immune system of the human body weak and it is now only a matter of time when this body gets infected by some diseases, possibly a AIDS category diseases.

Medications and treatments would then be the only means of staying alive for this HIV positive person. There are many types of medication available for the treatment of HIV infection after a person becomes HIV positive. But there is no vaccine in the form of medicine to prevent the virions of HIV from infecting billions of people who are lucky to be HIV negative. 

But there exists a vaccination procedure that can prevent and protect the virions of HIV from entering the human body. Research has proved that this process is totally natural, without any side effects and gives 100% guarantee to eradicate HIV. 

EradicateHIV research has studied this process for more than 10 years and have concluded that this process is an effective vaccination against HIV in both male and female. But due to a wrong mental block towards the process involved this research is lying unused and unimplemented. 

The medicines and the treatments can only reduce the virions of HIV from invading new CD4 cells, but it will not destroy the HIV that is grown inside the CD4 cell or prevent it from producing and releasing virions of HIV into blood and different fluids of the body. Billions of dollars are being spent for research and development for medications and treatments against the HIV. 

At the same time such a valuable and proven research that has the potential to protect each and every person from the HIV remains unimplemented. This process has the support of the common people but unfortunately they are not among the decision makers who can take a policy decision regarding the implementation of the process. 

The researchers and medical companies are involved in researching different medication and treatments for the HIV patients. And the different foundations for prevention from HIV, governments of different countries and influential individuals are involved in helping the HIV positive people by financing and providing these medication and treatments sometimes free of cost. It is common knowledge that these medicines  and treatments can neither control nor eradicate the spread of the HIV.

The virions of HIV can create different strains of HIV. The virions create resistance for the drugs it was exposed as a virion when the same virion grows into a HIV inside the CD4 cell. For creating a new strain of HIV requires this virion that has grown into an HIV to produce and release more virions. The new virions will have resistence to the drug that its procreator/parent was exposed to. As the virons of HIV creates a new strain it becomes more and more resilient to more and more durgs. 

The virions of HIV that are thus created will the resistance to the said drug and will pass on the resistence to all the virions created by it. Now when this virion finds a CD4 cell and grow into HIV it will create a new strain of HIV. 

This process will continue till all the immune cells in that body are invaded by the virions of HIV and a HIV grows in each of them. Once all the immune cells are used up, mostly the person suffering from HIV would be infected by some or many diseases and may not be alive. The person may die and so will all the HIV in their respective cells. The HIV will die inside the cells that they grow in. Only the virions will survive to infect any uncircumcised person that it may come across.

The medication and treatments can only eliminate the virions of HIV when they get activated on the CD4 cell they are about to invade. During this transition period if the virions of HIV viruses when comes in contact with the medications it is killed. 

But those HIV that are safely grown inside the CD4 cells are not affected by these medicines. These HIV will keep producing and releasing more and more virions in to the blood stream and into other body fluids. This is the period when the HIV infection seems to becomes dormant. 

But the virions themselves when found in blood are cleaned out of the blood and other body fluids by the natural cleaning process of the body. Usually the virions never gets to invade a CD4 cell directly in the blood. But when they are thrown out of the body through urine, these virions of HIV get lodged the prepuce ie. the foreskin of the underdeveloped head of the penis in male and the hood of the underdeveloped clitoris in female. The head of the penis in male and the clitoris in female are underdeveloped because they are allowed to develop only till the stage of muscular structure, both these parts are not covered by skin. The foreskin of the underdeveloped head of the penis in male and the hood of the underdeveloped clitoris in female almost rubs the inactive and immobile virions of HIV onto the CD4 cells waiting under the unprotected and skinless muscular tissue of the underdeveloped head of the penis in male and the underdeveloped clitoris in female. The virions are easily able to attach to CD4 cells, invade it and grow into HIV. This is the reason why uncircumcised people suffer from HIV.

Thus it is clear that the HIV cannot multiply by itself. It uses the virions of HIV produced and released by matured HIV, to multiply and by invading more CD4 cells and growing into HIV. 

The CD4 cells are one of those cells in the human body that has the capacity to protect the body when there it is attacked or invaded by microorganisms. But when it is invaded by the virion of HIV it is deactivated and newly grown HIV uses all the resoureces like a parasite, keeping the cell alive and also giving a body a cell count for the presence of the cell, such that the body does not make more CD4 cells. 

The HIV can survive in the invaded human cell for the entire lifetime of that cell or may die within the cell, but it will not leave the cell. The HIV as it matures inside the cell keeps on producing and releasing virons of HIV all through its life. 

But each virion of HIV would require another CD4 cell to grow into an HIV. Once the HIV gains control of a immune cell it does not emerge but dies in the cell or with the cell. 

The virions of HIV invades the cell like a parasite. And it ensures that the cell stays alive for HIV to grow in it. Since the cells that are invaded are part of the infected body no amount of medication or treatment would not be able to reach the HIV to any harm to it. The HIV would remain protected in the shielded body of the CD4 cell.

All these factors make the research for new medication and treatments a very complicated process. Thus proving that it is easier to prevent the virus from infecting people in the first place. By letting the virions of HIV to fall outside the human body. For that to take place the EradicateHIV research should be implemented. An effective implementation can effectively eradicate HIV.

As it can be clearly noted that HIV virus has no ability to multiply by itself. It uses virions of HIV to invade a CD4 cell to grow into HIV. Thus it can be rightly said that human body helps the HIV to multiply. This multiplication combined with the untraceablity of the virions of HIV, due to its inactive nature and immobility makes the HIV itself and the virions of the HIV impossible to trace and destroy. 

The HIV has a fixed life cycle, it just grows inside a CD4 cell and all through the its matured life keeps producing and releasing virions of HIV into the bloods stream and into other body fluids. These virions have the capability to create resistance to the substances that it is exposed to in the next generation of the HIV. So assuming that the HIV would react to a particular medication in the same manner in all the HIV positive persons would not be possible as no two bodies have the same body chemical composition.

The virions of HIV has the capacity to generate resistance to drugs they are exposed to. So if the virions of HIV are exposed to a drug that would attack its body compostion then the when these virions invade and grow into HIV, that HIV will not have a different composition that will have resistance to that particular drug. And the virions of HIV that this HIV will make, will also have the same characteristics. In this way a whole new string of HIV is created by the drugs, making the HIV stronger with every new exposure.

The medication usually has the capacity to kill the viruses only when the virion of HIV activates outside the CD4 cell to enter it. If the medication is present in the blood at that time, it will kill the HIV before it invades the CD4 cell. This duration is usually very short as the time taken from sticking to the surface of CD4 cell to activating and invading the cell may take just a few seconds.  And if the virions had been exposed to this drug in the earlier generation, then this virion is bound to have resistance to it and the drug will not affect and the virion will invade the CD4 cell. 

It is also true that HIV that as it matures keeps on producing and releasing more and more virions of HIV into the blood while the HIV itself does not come out of the cell which makes destroying the HIV furthermore difficult. 

Such a situation in the body of the HIV positive person becomes a war zone between the HIV and the medications. Many cells of the body and organs would get damaged due this struggle, its side effects, the medications and its side effects. 

In this manner a inactive and immobile virions of HIV have today become a challenge before the researchers and the humanity as a whole because the easiest way to eradicate the HIV is being ignored completely. 

This process researched by EradicateHIV already existed and was implemented all over the world before the HIV became a threat to us human beings. Due to some monetary factors this process was dismissed in many countries after World War II. If this process would have been continued to be implemented the HIV would not have infected mankind at all. Each and every individual would have had the power to let the inactive and immobile virion of HIV fall outside his or her body.

But it was due to the mental block of the minds of very few people that such a simple process that was predominant in every culture was discontinued. The unfortunate result is that diseases like HIV has infected mankind. 

The entire EradicateHIV research is available and ready for implementation. An open mind and an open heart to feel the suffering of the HIV positive people is required to support the EradicateHIV research.

Y. Ali