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How Condom can Kill you, with HIV virus

How Condom can Kill you, with HIV virus

Condoms cannot reduce or help reduce the spread of any kind of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD). Be it HIV virus or any other Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) infecting microbe. Condoms cannot stop any kind of virus from infecting you.
How Condom can Kill you, with HIV virus. EradicateHIV. Eradicate HIV.
How Condom can Kill you, with HIV virus. EradicateHIV. Eradicate HIV.
Condoms, instead is one of the best ways that ensures that you get infected with the disease that you are trying to get protection from. Condoms also extends the area of infection or the anaerobic environment for the anaerobic microbes like HIV giving them more time and space to attack the person or his / her partner's body. 

Condoms provide absolutely no protection against any microbial, viral or fungal attack, instead it helps the microbes in attacking and invading the human body, it increases the person's and his / her partner's unprotected exposure to sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV. 

"The condom offers zero protection against the HIV virus..."

The condom offers zero protection against HIV and that would mean that not only will the person get infected with the virus but will also have to suffer it throughout his / her life as there is currently no cure for the HIV infection. All this because of the person's false trust on the efficiency of the inefficient condom.

Sexual contact is a major source by which a person gets infected by microbes like HIV. And the researchers who justify to the false claim that using the condom can prevent the transmission of these microbes are giving false justification because they are being paid to do so by the condom manufacturing companies.

As far as birth control is concerned condoms has a little bit of success as it prevents the sperms floating in the seminal fluid from entering the vaginal area. But as far as reducing the risk of diseases are concerned condoms are totally useless. Like the condom no form of birth control has any ability to give protection from the attack of the microbes at the time of sexual contact. Even by using the condom with any other birth control methods will not provide any kind of protection from the microbes that cause Sexually transmitted diseases (STD).

People in any stage of life, even during pregnancy will not be able to get any kind of protection from any kind of sexually transmitted diseases using the condom.

Condoms are the main cause that gives 100% assurance and support to the microbes to infect the person or his / her partner with microbes like HIV virus.

"...people use condoms with blind faith that it can give them protection from those microbes like HIV."

How does Condoms help Sexually transmitted diseases (STD).

1) Condoms or Kondoms, as they are called in German, helps millions of people to be infected by the microbes like HIV as people use kondoms with blind faith that it can give them protection from those microbes like HIV.

2) Everyone using the kondom stands a high risk of infecting himself / herself or their partner with the microbes as the kondom has no features to prevent the transmission of the microbes from one person to another.

3) Due to the prevalence of kondoms use in teenagers, they are the ones who are mostly infected by microbes like HIV, as kondoms help the microbes by giving it more time to attack the person or his /her partner.

4) The procedure of using the kondom also prepares the microbes to begin the infection because at the time when the kondom is put on the microbes are exposed as most of the foreskin is drawn back. The kondom gives back the anaerobic atmosphere back to the microbes so that it can start its attack.

5) The kondom converts the whole area of the shaft of the penis or the wall of the vagina that it covers into a anaerobic environment making the transmission and mobility of the microbes easier and faster.

The after effects of the kondom's help to the microbes.

1) The microbes that are spread with the help of the kondoms can interfere with the process of pregnancy which can adversely affect the mother and will definitely affect the child in the womb.

2) These microbes helped by the kondom can cause severe harm to the developing infant during the whole period that it remains in the womb of the mother that gets infected.

3) In normal cases the gateway given by the kondom to those microbes can cause the destruction of the organs necessary for getting pregnant and can bring sterility or make the woman barren.

4) The kondom infested microbes keep repeatedly attacking the cervical area of woman cause them to suffer from cancer in later stages of life.

5) This gateway given by the kondom, gives the microbes the key to enter the body of the person or his / her partner whereby the whole body becomes a playground for these microbes and they play with the person or his / her partner's heart or kidneys or even infect and harm their brains causing disease like Parkinson's disease.

6) In severe cases these kondom initiated microbes can cause the death of the person by infecting him / her or their partner with incurable diseases like HIV.

"The rubbing of the condom against the skin causes microscopic injuries..."

Kondoms are totally ineffective in giving any kind of protection from diseases.

1) Kondoms does not give any kind of protection from the microbes either to the penis or the vagina. For that matter it also gives no protection to the mouth or the rectum during oral masturbation and anal masturbation respectively.

2) The rubbing of the kondom against the skin causes microscopic injuries due to foreign objects trapped between the penis and the kondom or between the vagina and the kondom. This give microbes a gateway to enter the blood stream of the person directly. Woman would feel a burning sensation due to these microscopic injuries even during urination and also during sexual contact but men mostly feel them only during sexual contact.

3) Normally when condom or capote as they are called in French, is not used during sexual contact the huge amount of heat produced is absorbed by the skin or is disseminated by the tissues of the penis and vagina. But on using the capote, it acts as an insulator of heat and the heat gets trapped between the penis and the capote or the vagina and capote. The atmosphere that is thus created is harmful for both men and woman but it is a boon to the microbes which can multiply at higher rate and travel more faster in these conditions.

4) The rubbing of the delicate tissue of the penis and the vagina against the foreign object ie. the capote can cause microscopic or visible blisters and sores which may cause inflammation and invite more microbes to that area and also reduce the protection level of that area.

5) The heat generated by the capotes, the blisters, the artificial rubbing with the capote, the support the microbes get from the capote etc. causes symptoms like headaches, muscular pain, even cause swelling in the genital organs.

In this way an act of sexual contact that has the power to relieve a person of all kinds of stress, rejuvenate his / her mind and body and is also known to protect a person and his / her partner from a number of mental conditions and diseases; because of the capote becomes a curse with no benefits, with innumerable side effects and a bonus of microbial invasion into the body. 

"...using a condom will only increase the person's chances of acquiring the infection."

Why capotes should never be used

Capotes should never be used for protection from any kind of sexual diseases. A capote will only increase the chances  of getting that infection.

The use of the capote becomes the riskiest at the time when it is put to its primary use, ie. during sexual contact with vagina or during anal masturbation or oral masturbation. These are the times when the capote helps  the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. If a person is having sexual contact with a person who is known to be suffering from STD, then using a capote will only increase the person's chances of acquiring the infection. If any person comes to know that his / her partner is infected with STD then the best possible protection would be Male circumcision for males and Female circumcision for females. This will ensure that the uninfected partner will get 100% protection from the STD like HIV.

Capotes help the microbes to enter the blood stream contaminating the blood of the person or his / her partner. This makes the blood another transmission point for the microbes.

Capotes can also bring out the microbes like the virions of viruses that are lying dormant under the foreskin of the male and the hood of the clitoris in the female. The extended anaerobic area activates these dormant microbes which then multiply during the process of sexual contact and infect the person wearing the condom or his / her partner. The microbes like the virions of viruses have the ability to survive under the foreskin of the male and the hood of the clitoris in the female for long periods of time which may be some months to many years even till the death of the person without infecting the host or unable to infect the host.

Capotes do not discriminate with gender. What holds true for the male capotes also hold true for the female capotes. If there is any uncertainty of the person or his / her partner being infected with STD like HIV it would be best to undergo circumcision and end the cycle of infection and transmission all together. 

But if the person and / or his / her partner choose to use the capote for protection against the disease then it will only enhance the risk of acquiring the infection. Even during oral masturbation or anal masturbation the use of capote is totally ineffective in prevention  or protection against any disease let alone HIV.

If there is any situation for availing protection for a person or his / her partner then they should go for Male Circumcision and  Female Circumcision as that will provide 100% guaranteed protection from microbes like HIV but the condom will give 0% (zero percent) protection; instead a condom will ensure that the concerned persons become infected with the same disease from which they want protection from.

"the condom will give 0% (zero percent) protection;"

Condom gives 0% guarantee against protection from STD like HIV.

A condom or condoom as it is called in Dutch, used in any way will ensure that the person using it, and his / her partner gets infected by STD like HIV. However no condoom manufacturer has given 100% protection from STD, not even 50% not even 25%, the manufacturers are not ready to give assure even 1% protection from STD because they know very well that condoom increases the chances of a person or his / her partner acquiring STD like HIV. 

One of the best and most effective and the most reliable way to avoid infection and transmission of STD like HIV is to get circumcised, Male circumcision and Female circumcision, for it gives 100% guarantee of protection against STD like HIV. Circumcision helps complete the developement of the head of the penis or glans in male and the clitoris in female whereby both these organs develop skin like all the other outer parts of the human body. This along with the removal of the prepuce destroys the breeding or hiding or dormant ground of the STD like virions of HIV and permanently keeps killing the microbes causing these STD infecting microbes like virions of HIV to fall outside the human body. This gives permanent and guaranteed protection against STD like HIV and eliminates their transmission completely. The person and his / her partner can be rest assured that the microbes are not hiding out in their body to cause STD like HIV at any time in the future after performing circumcision.

To put it in the right words performing sexual contact using a condoom ensures that the person and his /her partners gets infected with STDs like HIV.

Condooms help the virions of HIV the most because by creating a natural passage way on the whole shaft of the male it brings the virion of HIV closer to the hood of the clitoris in female. Thus providing support to the process of the transmission of the virions of HIV from male to female or visa versa. The ineffectiveness of the condoom in stopping the STD infecting microbes like HIV can be seen from the fact that despite its use the number infections are rising very rapidly. All studies have clearly indicated that condooms offer no kind of protection against STD like HIV instead the increase the chances of infection. 

Why are condooms falsely promoted.

1) Condooms are easy to make and sells at a high premium. 

2) The prevention of diseases is a gimmick used to increase sales of condooms and does not have any scientific support towards it.

3) The heavy promotions on the media and false medical support is what has given condooms the support and false standing as a protector from STD like HIV, that it has today. Without them the condoom is only a birth control technique that too with great limitations. 

4) Using the condoom for a feature that doesn't exist will only make a person mentally feel safe while his / her body is infected by STD's like HIV and the use of condoom will make that person suffer all their life.

5) A useless piece of condoom that has no benefits against any STD even HIV, has immense media support and support from well known personalities. 

6) It is a multi million dollar industry all over the world

How does the condoom fail the person faith in condoom

The condoom only stops the semen or vaginal fluids from passing from one person to the other but it makes the whole environment on the shaft and the wall of the vagina to become anaerobic and also a easy passage way for virions of various viruses like HIV. This helps the STD microbes like HIV to transmit easily from one person to another. The microbes like HIV do depend upon the semen or vaginal fluids for transmission but some also require an environment to do so. Which is aptly created by the condoom in both male and female.

Condooms further prevents the normal dissipation of the heat that is produced during the sexual act but traps it between the condoom and the shaft and the condoom and the vagina making ideal atmosphere for rapid breeding of anaerobic microbes like the HIV virus and then lead to its transmission.

No type of condom provides any protection.

Whatsoever may claimed on the label the condom or condon as they are called in Spanish made of any material does not provide any kind of protection from any kind of disease. Condons only help the microbes breed and spread and make the user suffer the consequences. 

Even if there is a claim on the label that a particular condon can prevent diseases. The truth is that the condons does not have the ability or the features to prevent any kind of diseases. It is not about the cost or the ingredients of the condon but it is about the nature and features of the condon that makes it ineffective.

Condons in most case are not even able to do the primary task that it is assigned to do ie. birth control. They even fail to do this task properly. All they do is hinder the process of sexual contact and create dissatisfaction among the partners involved in the act.

Any part the condon covers whether the penis in the case of men and the vagina in the case of female condon in female, condon makes that part into an anaerobic environment conductive for the growth of anaerobic microbes and the condon then helps the microbes in the process of transmission from one body to another. In both male and the female, the condon gives enough space between the condon and the shaft of the penis or the wall of the vagina; while the under the hood to the clitoris there is no protection and the microbes and virions like that of HIV move about freely.

"...condom...also lead to broken relationship."

How does the condon adversely affect sexual contact.

Wearing the condon does not ensure that it gives protection from at least birth control. But the wearer has to constantly worried about the fact that the condon does not get torn during the sexual contact. This worry dilutes the whole process of sexual contact. 

All the tests done on the condon does not guarantee that the condon will perform as it is expected to be. It is finally on the user of the condon to use in such a manner that it is not torn or stays intact till the complete process of the sexual act. This adds to the worry of the used adversely affecting the sexual act.

The condon stops the air circulation to the penis in male or the vagina in female which causes discomfort and heavy sweating during the sexual contact. This dampens the feeling of the sexual contact.

The condom or coiscin as it is called in Irish also holds the moisture from the sweat that is created by it, creating a slippery and uncomfortable feeling, which adversely affects the sexual act. 

The coiscin acts as a wall between the meeting  of the nerve ends of the penis and the wall of the vagina. During normal sexual act without the coiscin the nerve ends on the staff of the penis and the nerve ends on the wall of the vagina caress each other to trigger many positive chemical changes in the mind and body. These resulting changes has the ability to cure a number of mental as well as physical diseases. The coiscin stops the whole process from taking place.

The wearing of the coiscin and the method of use also disturbs the whole process of the sexual act. 

So over and above the fact that coiscins are completely ineffective against any kind  of STD, it also has other side effects that  can lead to dissatisfaction during the sexual act and also lead to broken relationship. Thus a small piece of rubber or whatever material can destroy you life, completely.

Coiscins can barely take the friction of the penis and the vagina, if it is used for anal masturbation or oral masturbation then it would definitely be torn or broken and neither persons involved would be protected from any diseases the other is infected with.

Never use medication with coiscins.

The presence of the coiscin already creates a sticky moisture rich environment on the shaft and the vagina. If some medication like the spermicide etc. is used along with it then it would create a totally strange feeling that would adversely affect the sexual act.

If there are any lumps or rough particles in the medication it can cause microscopic injuries on the underdeveloped part of the uncircumcised head of the penis or glans in male and on the underdeveloped part of the uncircumcised clitioris in females which may lead to increased risk of infection from the microbes. 

Some chemical in the medicine can adversely react with any chemical or the latex used in the coiscin causing irritation, infection and pain on the side where it is applied on the shaft side or the vaginal side. 

Such medicines do not have the potential them to give protection from microbes like HIV virus. 

The medication can increase the temperature in the already hot conditions thereby making it very uncomfortable.

The medication may cause some action of its own against whatever it is  used for, this would create further irritation.

With conditions of lack of air supply and too much moisture some medicines may cause raptures on the skin.

Using of lubrication also makes the coiscin weak. It can also cause irritation which would increase chances of infection. 

So a coiscin should be used as it is without using any medication with it or it may cause adverse effects and even weaken the coiscin.

"...condom is manufactured to help the HIV virus."


The condom is a total failure as far as protection from any kind of diseases is concerned. The features of the condom become its drawbacks. Even though a new condom is to be used for every new sexual act, it should be opened careful without tearing, it should be checked for defects all during the process of sexual act. These defects,if they exist, further help the microbes in transmission. So it can be said that the condom is manufactured to help the microbes and virions of HIV and other viruses.

If the person is uncircumcised the foreskin should be pulled back exposing the underdeveloped head of the penis or glans in males, before putting the condom or the sexual act can become very painful as the condom will not allow the foreskin to retract. It can cause to foreskin to be pinched during the sexual act and may also cause the underdeveloped glans to swell up. This helps the microbes by giving easy access to enter the body through the thinner skin of the inflammation. 

Furthermore the condom has to be put on an erect penis. Now that is the most uncomfortable part. At such a juncture one should stop everything and concentrate on putting on the condom. The process involved in getting the penis erect is enough time for some of the microbes to get out of the underdeveloped head of the penis or glans and the foreskin of the male and reach the the hood and the underdeveloped clitoris of the female or visa versa thus causing an infection. 

Space has to be left at the top of the condom for the semen to accumulate. This space often gets filled with air and moisture during the sexual act. These contents propel the microbes out of the condom.

The condom has to be unrolled all the way to the shaft, this makes the whole shaft of the penis get an anaerobic environment that is ideal for the movement, growth and transmission of the microbes and virions of viruses like HIV.

If the condom was to tear or break then the opposite partner will get the whole load of the newly developed microbes in one shot. That would decrease any chance of recovering from that infection any time in near future.

During ejaculation the pressure built up in the condom will automatically throw out the microbes that are formed on to the partners body. Which makes the infection more easier. 

The base of the shaft of the penis is the closest place to the hood and the underdeveloped clitoris in the female which is never protected by female condoms. So the microbes travel from one breeding or hiding place, from the shaft of the penis to the hood and the underdeveloped clitoris in the female or visa versa and ensure that the infection is mutual. So now the partners in love are partners in infection too.

Before the condom is removed from the penis or the vagina all the harm  is done the infection is been transmitted and the condom had a big role to play in the process.

This used condom when thrown in trash still has the anaerobic atmosphere wherein the microbes and the virions of viruses can survive on the sperms of the person for a long time. This would become hazards to poor people who live on trash or the trash collectors. 

Finally it can be said that from the time it is manufactured till the time it goes to trash the condom is a strong supporter of microbes and does everything possible to  grow the microbes, prepare the microbes for a attack on the human body, provide the microbes time to attack the human body and then help the microbes to spread from one person to another.

So the facts can speak for itself, the condom is a helper of microbes like HIV. Every person should protect themselves from STD by not using the condom ever. Condoms are absolutely hazardous, if used in a right manner, can kill you by infecting you with more microbes in the world than that can be counted on any super computer. 

So if you have sex with a condom it is highly possible that you may acquire some kind of STD. These STD and infections can continue in your generations if you do not stop the use of condoms. 

If you want to live a life free from STD like HIV, then you should go for circumcision which gives 100% protection guarantee. And stop using condom which can get you killed.

Y. Ali

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