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Major Breakthrough in HIV research

Major Breakthrough in HIV research

A completely discovery that would transform in HIV prevention and cure.

Major Breakthrough in HIV Research - EradicateHIV Research
Major Breakthrough in HIV Research - EradicateHIV Research

The EradicateHIV team had been working effortlessly and the result is this breakthrough discovery that: 

  1. HIV can only been formed or activated in the CD4 cells of human beings, 
  2. When HIV matures in a CD4 cell, it makes virions, just like seeds, which are completely inactive till they come in contact with another CD4 cell. When it does, it attaches to the cell and gets into the cell and a new HIV is created. 
  3. The virions of HIV are very small and inactive and are often not seen in the tests conducted but it can survive in all types of conditions in the blood or other blood derivatives like milk, tears, siliva etc. of the human being.
  4. finally the first positive signs of a definite cure for HIV. 

All these discoveries would now clear the way for the complete treatment and definite eradication of HIV diseases similar to HIV in human beings.

Forming of the HIV virus.

Our research team of EradicateHIV have marked a new era of innovation in the understanding of the HIV virus. 

A few years back a very famous actor was diagnosed with HIV. He declared in the newspapers that he was ready to use experimental drugs to be able to be cured from HIV. 

Our team had send an email to the newspaper that published the article, to contact the actor so that he can try our technique of treatment and cure himself from HIV. But there was no reply from that end.

But the determination and efforts put in by the team of EradicateHIV has led to the uncovering of the process of formation of HIV virus, that was previously very unclear and greatly misunderstood.

The "killer" HIV virus that has so far eluded the best of the medical faculty turned out to be just a parasite with plant like features, that can only grow in the CD4 cell. It took advantage of a weak point in the human being, the underdeveloped head of the penis or glans in the male and the underdeveloped clitoris in the female, that was unfortunately designed to facilitate a otherwise inactive virion of HIV to invade a CD4 cell and grow into a deadly killer virus.

This breakthrough also raises the prospect of using a similar point of view for the treatment of a whole range of penile and vaginal diseases.

At the same time all throughout the years there has been heavy claims of medical companies coming out with medications and other ways of treatment that sought out to control the growth of HIV virus by other methods, stating that the underdeveloped head of the penis or glans in the male and the underdeveloped clitoris in the female does not supplement the growth of HIV.

EradicateHIV breakthrough shows the errors in this assumption. The HIV does spread through the underdeveloped head of the penis or glans in the male and the underdeveloped clitoris in the female, that leads to the HIV infection. The development of the head of the penis or glans in the male and the underdeveloped clitoris in the female, could be successfully completed naturally by using circumcision for both male and female respectively.

The underdeveloped head of the penis or glans in the male and the underdeveloped clitoris in the female has also been proved to be source of various other penile and vaginal diseases and a provider of a gateway to viruses like the HIV, into the human body.

The methods of prevention of HIV, being the best, the easiest, the most economic and the most effective method giving 100% guaranteed results, is circumcision. But it has thrown up some moral issues which includes concerns about pain that is caused during circumcision.

EradicateHIV research suggest that it would be greatly irresponsible on the part of the world's best medical researchers and scientist to allow the such a thought process to grow, because the pain involved in circumcision is nothing compared to the pain and suffering that a person has to undergo after he or she becomes infected by the HIV.

So have we defeated HIV?

EradicateHIV reasearch is on the very pinnacle of a revolution in HIV medication after twi of its most promising line of research- firs one being HIV cannot be formed in human blood and the second one being that the HIV cannot survive or grow into a HIV in any other place other than the CD4 cell- is finally at a stage of providing conclusive proofs.

EradicateHIV research found that if the virions of HIV enters the blood, our immune system coats them and throws them out of the body, using the normal cleaning process of the human body. 

But if the same virion of HIV acquires a CD4 cell in which the HIV grows just like a plant, this grown HIV takes on a parasitic form, keeping the CD4 cell alive. At the same time it deactivates that CD4 cell from carrying out the task of protecting the human body. The acquired CD4 cell protects the virus itself from attacks from human immune system.

EradicateHIV research has exposed the truth about the growth of HIV or method of invasion of the HIV into the human body.

The conclusion of various studies by EradicateHIV team has concluded that formation of HIV from an inactive virion of HIV into a killer status is impossible in the blood of human being, lest they get a CD4 cell as host.

The current medication that is available is only shown to stop the inactive virions of HIV from attaching to the CD4 cells. But the HIV that is grown in the CD4 cells are not affected by those medicines. In other words these medication only stops the virions of HIV from getting to new host cells but the HIV that has already grown in the acquired CD4 host cells remain unaffected. 

It is these HIV that has grown in the host cells that become the sleeping cells for further HIV infection. And they tend to remain completely active sprewing more and more virions of HIV into  the blood stream which waits for the smallest opportunity like a break in medication or additional infection etc to invade more CD4 cells. And as soon as these virions of HIV get the opportunity they take full advantage, kill the person, in other words, convert all vulnerable CD4 cells of the body into host cells destroying the immune system.

You can say this is one of the greatest breakthrough in HIV research.

Virions of HIV resistance to anti viral drugs.

All the innovations in the anti retro viral drugs medication have met with great resistance from the HIV as it does not affect the virus itself, which is safely embedded in the protective body of the CD4 cell. But the virions of HIV are affected by the drugs and when these affected virions invade a new CD4 cell, the HIV that grows may may also have developed an additional resistance for those drugs to which it was exposed. In certain cases this creates mutations in the HIV, producing a different strain of the HIV.

Researchers are now trying different methods to circumvent the resistance offered by the HIV to the anti retro viral drugs.

EradicateHIV has identified that HIV itself is able to resist the drug because its host is not harmed by it. 

The anti retro viral drug does not reach the HIV virus to cause any harm to it.

EradicateHIV research has great concern that the anti retro viral drugs that fail can make the exposed virions of HIV develop more resistance in the HIV that is created by them and make treatment impossible.

EradicateHIV research found out that the resistance offered by the HIV itself is not the feature of the HIV itself but the quality of its host where as the resistance offered for the drug by the virions of HIV when invading the new CD4 cell is nothing but a natural resistance offered by the frequent exposture to the said drug.

EradicateHIV research is working on a process by which this entire process of infection can be turned around and the HIV infection can be eliminated permanently.

The direction of the research is very promising and may branch into an innovative way of treating and curing HIV and similar other diseases.

HIV protective barrier breached.

It would be for the first time from the time HIV infection was identified that EradicateHIV researchers have discovered that protective barrier of the HIV has to be breached in order to deliver the anti retor viral drugs to the HIV.

This barrier is what prevented the anti retor viral drugs and other treatments from reaching and affecting the HIV itself.

The EradicateHIV researchers used drugs, to disarm the host, which in turn also disarms the HIV.

The treatment process focused on the regenerative power of the host and to eliminate the HIV, along with anti retro viral drugs.

EradicateHIV researchers say that this technique can be used in many penile and vaginal viral diseases or infections and also in certain bacterial diseases or infections.

If you are interested in the EradicateHIV research, follow this website.

Y. Ali

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