HIV Symptoms

HIV Symptoms

There are absolutely no symptoms of HIV infection. 

The HIV itself neither be detected by the body nor by any tests as HIV grows inside the CD4 cells and does not move freely in the blood or other body fluids. HIV neither causes any destruction nor does it multiplies itself.

The HIV does not cause any harm to the body other than deactivating the CD4 cell, in which it grows, from protecting the body.

A fully grown HIV only sprews virions of HIV, which are inactive and immobile particles, just like seeds, which are very very small and is very difficult to see or observe.

The only way one can indentify the presence of HIV it when the body is infected with some other diseases and it is found out that the immune system has weakened. (But there may be other causes for the weakening of the immune system, so even that is not conclusive proof.)

Conclusively it can be said that any and every person who has underdeveloped head of the penis in male and underdeveloped clitoris in female (ie. the head of the penis has stopped its development at the muscular structure level in male and the clitoris has stopped its development at the muscular structure level in female) is prone to HIV infection and even after infection there is no way to say whether that person is infected or not. 

Conversely if a person has completely developed head of the penis in male and completely developed clitoris in female (ie. the muscle of head of the penis is covered with skin in male and the muscle of the clitoris is covered with skin) then there is no chance of the person getting infected by HIV, unless a live and infected CD4 cell is introduced in his / her blood stream or virions of HIV are introduced into his / her blood stream.

Many medical researchers claim that there are symptoms of HIV but all those symptoms are those of other diseases that infect the body after the HIV has deactivated CD4 cells.

Y. Ali