What is HIV?

What is HIV?

HIV is Human Immunodeficiency Virus. Till now it was only known that this virus attacks our immune system in such a manner that it reduces or nullifies the naturally defence system of our body making us prone to diseases. 

...HIV is just a parasitic virus...

But today EradicateHIV has conclusive proof that HIV is just a parasitic virus that can grow only inside the CD4 cells of the human body, just like a plant, use the resources of the CD4 cell like a parasite and die with the cell. The virus does not destroy the CD4 cell but uses it as a host to survive. The CD4 cell of our body is a cell that protects the human body from the attacts of microbes and other foreign bodies. 

We also have conclusive reports that the HIV cannot spread from cell to cell. But it uses a inactive compound called virion, which is just like a seed. It is this virion that attaches to the new CD4 cells and grows into HIV inside that cell.

According to our research the virions of HIV, given out by the matured HIV from within the CD4 cell, continues to invade more CD4 cells, in the process making that cell inactive to body commands. But since the body is not aware of this infection and deactivation and due to the physical presence of the infected cell, the body does not make more cells. 

Gradually all the CD4 cells in the body is invaded by the virions of the virus and making the body a easy target for other diseases and infections.

The current treatment of HIV can only stop the virions from entering new CD4 cells but it cannot kill the HIV that has already grown inside the CD4 cell, as it is protected by the body of the CD4 cell. 

If no medicines are taken the virons of HIV will take as long as 10 to 15 years to completely invade all the CD4 cells in the body. Some times this duration can be lesser or more depending on the condition of the immune defence system of the person infected. 

There are many factors that are responsible for the infection and spread of the HIV in Human Body.

"HIV cannot be diagnosed."

Some of the features of HIV that EradicateHIV research discovered are as follows:
The term HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency virus but actually it is a Human Parasitic Virus.

The treatment that are till now available can only prevent the virions of the virus from infecting other cells because it kills the virions as it becomes active when it comes in contact with the CD4 cell.

HIV cannot be diagnosed. The virus once it has invaded the CD4 cell does not leave any trace for it to get detected but just sprews virions as it matures. These virions are very very small, inactive and immoble and very difficult to be detected. So a person infected by HIV cannot be diagnosed unless there is some symptoms of decrease in the immunity or his / her body. 

The current test are not effective in diagnosing HIV because it depends on the tracing of the virions in the blood but these virions are so small and very difficult to trace that there is simply no way to detect the presence of the HIV with these tests. Further these virions cannot move they are taken from one place to the other inside the body by natural forces of the movement of various body fluids etc. making them further undetectable.

HIV cannot survive in semen, blood, vaginal or anal fluids or even in breast milk unless any of this contains live CD4 cell infected with HIV. But the virions of HIV are inactive, just like the seeds of a plant, and can survive in all the above body fluids but since they are not traceable or detectable their presence is not proved.

Likewise HIV can also not survive in sweat, saliva or urine unless any of this contains live CD4 cell infected with the virus. But at the same time the virions of HIV can survive in the sweat, saliva or urine (it is through urine that the virions are cleansed out of the human body by natural process of cleaning of blood and other body fluids.), but it is highly unlikely that they would be able to get near a CD4 cell in these body fluids and that is way there is no cases of infection by these body fluids, but virions of HIV are present in these body fluids.

Condoms cannot prevent the transmission of HIV instead aids the causing of the infection by making a conducive atmosphere for transmission of the virions of HIV and that too for a longer period of time. The condoms also help push and rub the virions on the underdeveloped head of the penis in uncircumcised males and underdeveloped clitoris in uncircumcised females. This ensures that the immobile and inactive virions of the HIV get to the CD4 cell and invade it to grow into HIV, thus ensuring that the percentage of getting infected when using the condom becomes more than 100%.

It is also impossible to get infected by needles by the HIV itself as it is only possible if a live CD4 cell is present on the syringe and it is still alive while it enters the new body. But the virions of HIV can easily be transferred through the needles and can easily enter the new body when the needle is reused as the virions can survive harsh conditions.

In cases of pregnancy only if the child receives blood with infected live CD4 cells it can cause HIV or if the same is breastfeeding only if there is a live CD4 cell infected with HIV that it can be transmitted otherwise HIV cannot survive in blood or in breast milk. But the virions of HIV can be transmitted through the blood and milk and other body fluids exchanged by mother to her child, but the medication can suppress the virions from invading new CD4 cells in the child but the virions of HIV are present in the mother and the child.

The easiest and first source of transmission of the virions of HIV is from the underdeveloped head of the penis of uncircumcised male to underdeveloped clitoris of the uncircumcised female and vice-versa. This is the most common and most effective mode of transmission of virions of HIV.

In uncircumcised male the head of the penis remains underdeveloped ie. the obivious form of underdevelopment is that the muscle of the head of the penis does not have a skin. The muscle is kept underdeveloped by the presence of the foreskin. Likewise in the female the clitoris remains underdeveloped ie. the muscle of the clitoris does not have a skin. Again here the muscle is kept underdeveloped by the presence of the hood.

If you are an uncircumcised male you can check that the head of the penis is just a muscle and does not have a skin. And if you are a female you too can check that the muscle of your clitoris does not have a skin.

Now if you cannot comprehend what the meaning of underdevelopment is then visualise this. Scrape or remove the skin of your finger till you reach the muscle structure. It would be very painful but just visualise. Now imagine that pain of scraping or removing of the skin has subsidised. Now touch the bare, exposed muscle. The excrucating pain that you would feel is the pain that is experienced by every uncircumcised male and every uncircumcised female all their lives. They are not aware of it because they get used to it.

Now visualise that the finger from which you had removed the skin heals and the skin grows over the muscle. Now touch that finger. Now you will feel all the sensation but you will not feel the pain you had felt when you touched the muscle earlier.

Likewise when a person is circumcised the developement of the head of the penis in male and the development of the clitoris is completed and a skin grows on top of the the head of the penis and the clitoris respectively. Now when you touch these parts respectively you will feel all the sensations but you will not feel the pain.

To further add to it the in uncircumcised people the foreskin of the penis and the hood of the clitoris collectively called as prepuce creates an anaerobic environment that helps the survival of many microbes. The prepuce also helps the inactive and immobile virons of HIV rub into the underdeveloped head of the penis and the underdeveloped clitoris to ensure that these virions of HIV reach the CD4 cell and grow into the HIV. So that the matured HIV inside the CD4 cell can produce more virions of HIV and release it into the blood stream. 

Y. Ali